Star Dust – Bath bomb

Star Dust – Lush Christmas bath bomb – £2.95
Scroll straight to the bottom if you just want to see pictures of this bath bomb ☺️

Ratings –

Scent: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Even with the gentle smell of vanilla the Star Dust bath bomb has fresh aroma to it. It’s a nice, weak, soothing smell that almost anyone can enjoy. The smell does stay on the skin but is easily masked by a body wash or deodorant which is in my opinion a good thing as the scent of this bath bomb is too weak to carry you through the day. This is a Christmas edition product and so the vanilla scent is quite fitting to the festive time of year but because it isn’t a classic Christmas scent (gingerbread, cinnamon or pine needles) it’s usable all year round. This means that it is a fantastic product to purchase in the Boxing Day half price sale!

Appearance: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
The simple yet elegant shape of a star is a real winner in my eyes. I absolutely love the shape of this bath bomb and can’t really say much more other than that I wish Star shaped bath bombs were all year round products. My only criticism is that I keep my bath bombs unwrapped and together in a box which means that the colourful powder from other products can stain this white coloured product however I still think making this product white was a good call from lush as yellow would look like wee and gold would have meant glitter!

In the water: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Star dust is full of surprises once placed on the water. The white shell fizzles away revealing the light blue core which together turn the water the lightest shade of blue imaginable! But that’s not all inside this gorgeous product lay tiny colourful confetti stars which shoot out into the water creating tiny pockets of colour as they melt away. I just wish they wouldn’t stick to my skin, as when I get out the bath after using this bath bomb I end up wiping the stars onto my white towels, which leave tiny colourful dye all over.

After effects: 🌟🌟
The scent of this product does not stay on the body very long and it’s not particularly moisturising either. I feel that this product if more for just enjoyment in the bath rather than long lasting effects – but seeing as its only £2.95 you can’t moan at that.

Anything to add: The quality and prettiness of Star Dust make it well worth the price of £2.95! Less than £3 and still one of my favourites! For this reason I highly recommend it as it’s worth the money you pay.

Overall rating for this product:


Star Dust bath bomb – Lush Cosmetics


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