First Week Back

Hi all,

It’s been my first week back and I already feel like I haven’t had a break in months! With the entire focus being on exams (which by the way have got me very stressed) that are taking place next week it feels like Christmas and New Year have just been forgotten.

(I would like to apologise in advance as this post is going to be a rant.)

Most schools hold a ‘welcome back’ assembly to help ease students back into school – not at my 6th form. We we’re faced with our head teacher telling us to wear a bike helmet so we don’t get killed and that sexting is bad. Great…

Back to school exams is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard. I’ve just motivated myself to be more positive for this forthcoming year, not even 3 weeks in and I already want to hide in a dark corner. I do feel particularly lucky in comparison to some of my friends who are sitting multiple exams per subject as I’m sitting a total of 3.

If like me your in the first year of ALevels and feel like the only thing you’ve learnt is how to avoid doing work in your frees, then I’m sure the idea of sitting exams on the subjects you’ve been doing for just 5 months is pretty terrifying. Not to mention stressful.

Anyways, I’m super excited to do these mocks so I need to stop typing and get back to my revision. Just a little post from me this weekend but I’ll be back with more when I’ve got the time to write.

Charliestar xoxo

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