Travelling Alone

Hi All,

This post is going to be all about travelling alone and what it’s like. I travel alone whenever I make the journey from Bournemouth – Leeds which is usually an 8/9-hour coach journey with around an hour’s stopover in London.

When I first made this journey I was so nervous! I remember be terrified about getting into London Victoria coach station and not being able to find out my connecting coach. Honestly, the first time was so much simpler than I ever thought it would be. I got of my coach in London and was able to find a departure board and figure out what gate my next coach would be boarding from.

Whenever I do make this journey up the country I’m asked by so many people what I actually do on the coach. Well… it’s pretty much as boring as you’d expect. I get on in Bournemouth and spend this leg of the journey listening to music and scrolling through social media on my phone (I’m so grateful my parents put me on a contract with lots of data). Sometimes I’m able to call a good friend of mine and we have a good catch up or other times I get to call Haydn and we get very excited that we’ll soon be back together again.

Once I arrive in London I get my luggage from under the coach and head over to the departures building. This is where I have to figure out which gate I need to be at – it gets a little confusing when lots of coaches are going to Leeds as I’ll then have to get my ticket out the check the number of the coach I’ll be getting. Usually this step is fine, my most recent Journey (Today – 19/01/17) was a little more challenging as I was getting onto a route that I’d never taken before so didn’t know what number I was looking for and for ages I couldn’t even see my coach on the boards. This got me a little panicked but it fine. Once I’m near the gate my next coach will be leaving from I head to the toilet where I have to pay 30p whether I actually am able to go or not (TMI?). This irritates me a lot because it’s not like I can’t go over the course of my 8-hour journey so I really have no choice.

After having something to eat I chill out until its time to board the next coach. This is the longer leg of my journey so naturally I need more entertainment. I use to watch movies on my IPad but more recently I opt for working on my laptop (Like I am right now) or just watching movies on it instead. It’s actually a lighter device than my IPad and the battery is a lot better. Again on this journey I might call some of the wonderful people in my life to have a catch up or I just chill out and have some me time. On paper this sounds a lot more fun than it actually is! Usually I’m bored after about an hour, my bum is numb and no position is comfortable.

Despite all this the journey is always worth it because nothing can compare to the happiness that fills my heart when I finally arrive in Leeds and I see Haydn waiting for me. We both grin and that first hug is incredible. Long distance is really hard and travelling alone is boring but for me it’ll always be worth it.

Charliestar xoxo

Sorry for the lack of posts for the next 4/5 days, I just want to enjoy my time with Haydn whilst we have some.



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