Shoot for the stars – Bath bomb

Shoot for the Stars – bath bomb £5.25

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Ratings –

Scent:   💫💫💫💫💫

To me this scent is fresh, a little bit citrus and a lot of cocoa butter. I’ve never used a product from this scent family at Lush so it was really nice to try something new. The scent is strong but it’s not over powering which means it’ll last on your skin but not give you a headache. This scent is the same as the popular ‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ so if that’s one you enjoy then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this product. For scent alone I’ll defiantly be repurchasing this bath bomb if it Is released in the Christmas range this year.

Appearance:  💫💫💫💫

The strong blue colouring and golden stars on this bath bomb make for a simple yet striking design. One thing to note is that this bath bomb is particularly glittery so if you don’t want to wash your bath out after using this product or you don’t like glitter in your products defiantly avoid this one. This reason I’m scoring this one so highly is because I really enjoyed the boldness of the colours used in this design, even before placing shoot for the stars in the tub I could tell this would have some serious colour pay off. However, this doesn’t get a 5/5 for me is because I much preferred the design from previous years at lush. I can see why they’ve changed it in order to incorporate some lovely bath melts which honestly were a nice addition.

In the water:  💫💫💫💫

My predictions about this bath bomb being seriously colourful were correct. The blue shell fizzed away creating an opaque blue galaxy filled with flakes of golden glitter in my tub. There were actually 6 little star shaped bath melts inside the bath bomb which was a pleasant surprise but I’m not sure the weights of the bath melts were considered when creating this bath bomb because the stars sunk the too bottom. I had imagined the little bath melts floating around me as I relaxed but this wasn’t quite how it went. Once the entire product – including the bath melts – had dissolved into the water I was left with very pretty bath water which was very impressive, and because of this I believe this deserves a 4/5. A note to add would just be that this bath bomb doesn’t put on much of a show in the water and therefore if your more interested in products that’ll wow you as they fizz away Shoot for the stars probably isn’t for you.

After effects:  💫💫💫

Due to the fact that this product included 6 luxurious bath melts it’s not surprising that this product was incredibly moisturising and because of the fantastic smell I didn’t bother to use a second moisturisers after my bath. As I previously mentioned this product is particularly glittery and therefore after drying myself off with a towel there was plenty of glitter still on me and on the towel – not the mention to amount left stuck to the bottom of my bath tub.

Anything to add?:

I received this bath bomb in a Christmas gift set so I’m not 100% sure of the price. I believe it was around £5 but I can’t find a price online so this is just an estimate.

Overall rating for this product:  💫💫💫💫/ 💫💫💫💫💫

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