Working With Customers

Hi all,

I work part time in retail and so I deal with customers regularly. Most are lovely and make my job very pleasant, but sometimes you get people that just make you think ‘WTF?!’. I thought it’d be fun to share my top three outrageous customer experiences with you!

3.The “I was just looking” man: Okay I know what your thinking – customers are allowed to look, yes they are but this man seriously wound me up. It was approximately 7:40 (that’s 20 minutes until closing time) I was tidying up the shoe department when an older man approached me and asked if could help him with some boots. I said yes and I followed him to the shelf he wanted to show me. On the shelf there were some signs suggesting that the boots on that shelf were UP TO 50% off. This means that only the boots on that shelf are on promotion and that they have varying amounts off depending on style. The man then started pointed at every style of boot asking how much that particular pair had off – I’m not a genius and I only work part time so it’s literally impossible for me to know how much each pair is now being sold. I offered to go grab a scanner so I could check for him, he sighed and said ‘I guess that’s the best thing you can do’. Unfortunately, by this point it was around 7:50 and the scanners all had little battery so mine died as I was walking back to him. In an effort to seem polite and friendly I told him the scanner had died and that we could take the pairs he was most interested in to tills to double check (at this point I would just like to add that I work in a women’s only clothing store so I had assumed these boots were for his wife). Together we took about 4/5 pairs to the tills to check the price – this was getting tedious now and started to be frustrating. At the tills I scanned them all through and then informed him which were had the most off and were now the cheapest. He smiled almost mocking me and said ‘Thanks that’s great but I was just looking’! ARE YOU SERIOUS!! The store is now closed at this point and I meant to be leaving but I haven’t finished tidying shoes and I now have 5 extra pairs to put back.

2.The “Jumper and Jeans’ couple: This one is pretty confusing so I’ll try my best to make it clear. I was on the tills when a couple probably in their mid-twenties approached me with a pair of jeans. The women said something along the lines of “I was given a jumper for Christmas but didn’t like it so returned It without a receipt. Because I didn’t have my receipt I was given a credit note which I then used to buy these jeans. Because I’ve now got the receipt for jumper can I return the jeans and jumper and have all my money back”…. SORRY WHAT?! They are of course entitled to their money back on the jeans but they don’t own the jumper so I can’t give them their money back for that. They started getting pretty angry about the fact that I had no idea what they were talking about – They worded the situation very confusingly – so I got a manager over to help me out. By the time the couple had tried to explain the situation to the manger and I for about the 5th time my head actually hurt!

1.The “Crazy Shoe” lady: This is by far the most WTF moment I have been a part of whilst working in retail. Let met set the scene – I’m about halfway through my shift and I’m on tills. A woman approaches me with one shoe, of course I assume it’s and odd and she’s looking for the other. Once she’s fully at the till she says “I want to buy this shoe”. WAIT? Does she mean just one shoe? Confused I offer to find the other shoe so that she can purchase the pair, but she refuses and continues to tell me she just wants the one (Just going to add that she is speaking in a serious tone with a straight face). I call a manager over because I have no idea if I can even sell only the one shoe. As my manger approaches I explain the situation and then the women starts to laugh… through her laugh (which actually sounded like an evil cartoons laugh) she says “Silly girl, you don’t understand, of course I want the other shoe to be found so I can buy the pair”. I stand there humiliated in front of my manger, opened mouthed and completely shocked. DID THIS 50ISH YEAR OLD JUST BAIT ME? To this day I have no idea why the women felt the need to play this joke on me…

Does everyone else working in retail have crazy experiences like this?

Charliestar xoxo

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