Vanilla Sky, Bubble Donut – Hushed UK

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Before starting my review on this product I would like to say massive thank you to Hushed UK for sending me these products! This process is a first for me so I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with a company who I think are awesome.

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Onto the review –

First Impressions:

The design and look of this product is so cute, I’m in love! The pastel pink donut is the cutest and actually looks so good I wanted to eat it! The variety of pink shades create a sky theme on top of this product – figures considering the name. The overall design of this product is unique to other bubble baths products on the market which defiantly gives credibility to the brand. On hushed website the product is listed to have a peppermint smell although as the name suggests I’m defiantly smelling sweeter scents much like vanilla – its defiantly not straight up vanilla as I can defiantly smell other scents to but I’m not so sure that peppermint is one of them. After reading about Vanilla Sky online I was defiantly surprised by the scent; but not disappointed as I actually preferred this sweet, vanilla smell. Upon first impressions I was a little disappointed by the size as this is a £4.99 product and looked much bigger online. However, this was because I had assumed this was a one use only product but it is not. I reckon I can get at least 2 uses making it more like a £2.50 product.

Using the product:

Although the instructions say to crumble the ‘donut’ under running water I decide to simply hold mine there. This is because I was determined to get at least a second use from this product. Considering the face that my bubble donut is currently drying out in my airing cupboard (still completely intact) I think this was a successful effort. Despite the fact that I still have product left I haven’t tried to use it a second time just yet so I’m not sure if it can actually be used twice. Anyway back to the process of using Vanilla Sky, I started running water over the donut and bubbles instantly started forming in the water! I was very impressed at how quickly the product got to work. I continued to hold it there for about 2/3 minutes before taking it away and setting it down to dry. Bubbles carried on forming for the entire time I had water running and it was only when I turned off the taps that this stopped, thus leaving me with mountains of bubbles in my tub!

I am super impressed with the performance and seriously think it rivals some of the bubble products created by leading cosmetics companies. The product doesn’t have loads of chemicals in it meaning that it’s also not bad for your skin. For me this product didn’t have any lasting effects on my skin but it has left me smelling nice and sweet which I love.

Overall opinion:

I’m a pretty harsh critique but this gets a thumbs up from me. I would praise this product simply on design and look alone but because of the fact that it works so well in the bath I defiantly recommend this to anyone looking for a way to add some fun (and bubbles) to bath time. The only downside for me is the price but if I can use it twice (which I’m 90% sure I can) then it’s actually pretty good value for money – use it a third time and then it’ll be impressive. I prefer solid bubble products over liquids because I think the quality of the bubbles is nicer and they’re just more bubbly.

About the Brand:

Hushed has been set up my a Mumma who just wanted her daughter to use kind products on her skin. This means that any ingredients used in a Hush product aren’t full of nasty chemicals that can be linked to conditions as severe as breast cancer! The company name has been created because of a nursery rhyme this mum once sang to her little one. – The story behind Hushed is actually really sweet.

Charliestar xoxo

GO TO: to look at the entire Hushed product range and follow @HushedUK on Instagram to keep up to date.

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