Bath Bellini – HushedUk

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First impressions:

When I first received this product I was so excited by the design. The product comes in a glass bottle – great as it can be recycled – with simple branding and labels. It keeps a modern, clean look which is defiantly my style. The smell is like vanilla extract which reminds me of baking cupcakes. To me this is a very homely smell and I felt so comforted by it. Bath Bellini is a fun, innovative product that sets Hush apart from other bath product companies. Hushed sells this product for £5.99 which seems like a lot for 200ml but I’m defiantly expecting to get at least two uses from this product.

Using the product:

I ran my bath to about two inches full and then slowly started sprinkling in product. Bubbles did start forming and the product fizzed about in the water. I’ll admit I was disappointed with the small amount of bubbles that were being produced. I continued to add product in attempt to make a standard amount of bubbles in my bath, but I quickly ran out of product. In the south of England our water is quite hard which means it’s difficult to get super bubbly water. I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t get two uses and that it didn’t really work for me.

Overall opinion:

The smell and packaging of the product are fantastic and seriously enjoy the design. I was disappointed that I didn’t get a ton of bubbles like from my previous Hush product. If your from the north of England or from an area with softer water I’m pretty certain that this product would work well. If you like sweet scents that can transport you to memories you’ll get addicted to this product! I’ll defiantly be looking different hushed products in this scent.

GO TO: to look at the entire Hushed product range and follow @HushedUK on Instagram to keep up to date.

Charliestar xoxo

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