Valentines Opinion

Hi all,

Valentine’s Day or Single awareness Day, whatever you call the 14th of February it was just a regular old Tuesday.

I always thought I’d be someone who’d get fully involved in Valentine’s Day. This year was the first time I’d had a proper boyfriend, but now that I’m with Haydn things have changed.

It was initially just Haydn who didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, eventually after several explanations from him I too was convinced. Now would be a good time to add that this post isn’t about putting anyone down because they chose to participate in Valentine’s Day I simple just want to explain why I don’t and my personal opinions on it.

Firstly, Valentine’s Day is exclusive to just couples. This is great if your in a relationship but if you’re single then it’s just a reminder that you are actually alone (nothing wrong with being single but I know I wouldn’t like other couples rubbing that in my face). Sure your best friend can be your ‘valentine’ and some people’s parents even get them gifts but quite frankly I find this cringey.

Like Mother’s Day and Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day has been made commercialised and is now used by business to get even more money from consumers. Mass produced cards with standard phrases like ‘my one and only’ just aren’t really my thing. I’d rather tell Haydn, with my words or actions that I love him. I love receiving cards or letters from Haydn when they have personalised paragraphs inside. As well as cards flowers and chocolates seem to be common gifts exchanged between partners. Let me tell you first that I have no hatred towards flowers or chocolate and actually love receiving them. But I want Haydn to buy me these things when he wants to not on a particular day because society has decided that’s what will define him as a good boyfriend.

At first I was offended that Haydn didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s with me but he redeemed his self by reminding me that he loves me everyday. To give him credit he honestly does and on so many occasions he shows his affection by bringing me breakfast in bed or letting me pick where we eat for dinner. After discussing this point I realised he wasn’t some love hating loner he just simply cares for me everyday of the year and always puts in extra effort to show me. Haydn simply doesn’t need an over commercialised day to show me that he cares and I agree.

Just to add again that if you are the sort of couple that celebrate and go all out for eachother than I think that’s great, but for me and Haydn it’s just not our thing.

Charliestar xoxo

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