Matte Liquid Lipsticks – The Body Shop

The Body Shop – liquid lipsticks

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First impressions:

I’ve used body shop makeup before and loved it! In fact, when I was 13 I was brought a lipstick from the body shop and I used it forever – well until it ran out when I was around 15. The Body Shop I went to had a display of Matte Liquid Lipsticks and o was drawn to them because 1. The range of colours and amount that I actually liked (I can normally only find one colour that I like by a particular brand) and 2. They were only £6! This is quite cheap for The Body Shop, there was also a 3 for 2 across the entire makeup range so I brought 3 meaning each one worked out at £4. Before buying them I swatched a few on the back of my hand. They were so creamy, dried really quickly and were very matte. The shades I chose are: Crete Carnation, Taipei Orchard and Nairobi Camellia.

Using the product:

My favourite if the three is defiantly Nairobi Camellia because of its light berry colour. I’ve been using this one the most over the past few days. The applicator to apply this with is the perfect density to apply the product neatly onto the lips, the product is creamy too which also help make it quick and easy to apply. I’m so impatient when doing my makeup so the fact that this product is fast drying defiantly makes a huge difference to how much I’m enjoying it. The lipstick dries within a minute and turns extremely Matte which is perfect and exactly what I wanted. To test the length of wear on this lipstick I put it on whilst getting ready for a 4 hour shift at work. By the end of my shift the colour wasn’t quite as bold and had gone a little patchy but it was still very obviously there. It might be important to add that I drink water from a plastic bottle every so often whilst at work and this may have affected the outcome. Another thing to add is that these lipsticks have a nice smell to them, it’s a little bit fruity and floral at the same time which I much prefer to the cheap chemicals smell that can normally be present with other products around this price mark.

Overall Opinion:

Although The Body Shop doesn’t technically fall under the ‘drugstore products’ umbrella these liquid lipsticks are priced perfectly for anyone on a drugstore products budget. I have tried a range of matte liquid lipsticks from the drugstore including Maybelline, MUA and Seventeen but these are by far the nicest ones I have used. They are much longer lasting than the previous brands I have used and although I would need to top up once or twice throughout the day I think this is still better than expected from a £6 product. To make these even more worthwhile The Body Shop currently have a 3 for 2 promotion on their beauty range which means picking up 3 of these lipsticks values them at just £4 each! I would recommend these to people who are on a budget but still want a good quality product or those who are looking to start using makeup from The Body Shop

Charliestar xoxo

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