Cupcake bubble bomb – HushedUK

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First impressions:

Hushed weren’t kidding when they listed this product as lemon scented. I can defiantly smell the lemon in this product and although I usually avoid this sort of smell mixed with the other natural ingredients Hush include in their products I actually quite like this scent. The design is very cute (like all the other Hushed products), the contrast between the white and mint green colours along with the star cut out on top is so simple yet different to any other bath bomb I’ve used – and we all know that that’s a significantly big number… After reading about this product I realised that unique design is actually also really innovative. HushedUK say to break of the star on top and crumble under running water for bubbles and then pop the rest in to use as a bath bomb! Of this two in one bath bomb/bubble bomb works it’ll defiantly be climbing my list of all time top bath products.

Using the product:

I let my bath fill with about 2 inches of water before removing the star from on top of the product and crumbling under running water. Bubbles started creating and seeing as it was such a tiny, thin star I got so many bubbles from it. The design works really well in terms of being two in one as I could easily break the star off without destroying the rest of the product. The bath bomb part of the product isn’t a fast fizzer that puts on a show. Instead it gentle dissolves creating a pretty mint green and white picture bobbing on the surface off the bath. Which although wasn’t a ‘wow’ feature it’s still stunning and did leave a hint of light green colouring in the water.
Overall opinion:

Had this simply been a bath bomb I’d be a tad disappointed. But considering this is a bubble bomb (bubble bar meets bath bomb hybrid) I’m still impressed with it. The quality of the product is clear through the way it left my skin smooth after using; the innovative design/function works really well. HushedUK sell this product for £3.99 which I think is a really fair price. If your on a tight budget it might be useful to know that it’s unluckily that you’ll be able to get two uses from this as I’m not sure half of the bubbly star would be enough to fill the water. Overall I loved using this product and will defiantly be buying one to use again. 

GO TO: to look at the entire Hushed product range and follow @HushedUK on Instagram to keep up to date.

Charliestar xoxo

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