Advice – Sitting Exams

Hi all,

I know that this will only apply to a few but this week I wanted to talk about exams and my experience with GCSE’s last year. Last year I achieved 7 A’s, 2 B’s and a C but they defiantly didn’t come easy. I worked hard and that really is the only way of doing well.

Before I sat my exams I was anticipating stress that would come along with them but in all honestly when the time came round it wasn’t as bad as I had originally thought. I mean I was stressed just ask Haydn or my parents but I was much more relaxed then everyone had expected. But how did I relieve myself of some of this stress? I’ve summed my strategies up into 3 steps.

  1. Preparation: Making a realistic revision schedule that includes relaxation/social time is the key to getting ready for the exam season. If your exams this May now is the perfect time to get your timetable sorted so that you don’t feel under pressure in the weeks running up to your exams. In my own experience I would have a half an hour rest until I got home from school and would then revise until dinner (normally around 2 hours) and then after dinner I would do another hour of revision. During my little revision sessions I’d allow myself frequent study breaks.
  2. Useful revision tools: This was probably the main key to my success last year. I made revision cards and colourful notes for mostly all my subjects. I highly recommend these strategies because in exams your brain will be able to make links to the colours you used when revising and this will allow you to see the answer in your mind. It probably sounds like a time consuming tasks but even making these resources will help you to revise. The second revision method that I recommend is doing past papers in one colour and then marking them (harshly) and making the corrections in a different colour.
  3. SLEEP: Late night cramming is the tactic that so many people will fall into but it’s defiantly not one to be tempted by. Even if you’ve done no revision up until the night before your exam cramming is not the answer. If you find yourself in this situation (and I really hope you’re all smart enough not to) then read a text box or notes before you go to sleep which should be at a normal time if not earlier – sleeping actually helps to solidify memories and reduce the likely hood of disease’s such as Alzheimer’s.

Hope you find this information and advice useful in some way. If you have exams then good luck although it’s not really luck that’ll help you it’s working your ass off.

P.S. Sorry if I was a little boring this week I just wanted to share my advice with you.

Charliestar0402 xoxo

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