Intergalactic bath bomb- Lush

Scroll straight to the bottom to see pictures of this product ☺️

First impressions:

Previously I reviews the Nebula Giant Bath bomb; but now its time to review Intergalactic, the regular size bath bomb in the same scent. I decided not to reread my review on Nebula before writing this review as I didn’t want it to alter anything. Starting of with the scent of this product there is only really one thing I can smell, which is peppermint. Its not one of my favourite scents from lush although I don’t dislike it. The colours on this bath bomb is what attracted me most to this product. The gorgeous blue with colourful ribbons running around it defiantly vibe it the Sci-Fi vibe that links back to the name. I’m hoping that this product has a lot of colour payoff and turns my water a deep, strong blue. Seeing as Intergalactic is a £4.25 bath bomb I’ve defiantly got my hopes up for this product – however luckily for me this bath bomb was a present from my secret Santa at work so thank you for that.

Using the product:

I dropped this into the bath with me and watch as all the blue fizzed of and then bright pockets of colour started shooting out to which made a super pretty marbled affect on the top of the water. However to my horror glitter also started spewing out into my tub… I don’t mind a bit of glitter but there was tons! I don’t know if I just didn’t see the glitter on the outside but I was defiantly shocked by all the glitter. Another issue for me is that for  a more expensive bath bomb I expected it to feel quite moisturising but it really wasn’t. On the other hand being more positive about this product the colour pallet that has been used defiantly makes a space kinda vibe in your bath and there is also popping candy which adds a really cool level of sound to using the bath bomb. I also have to say that this bath bomb is just as impressive as the giant Nebula bath bomb which I reviewed at the start of the year.

Overall Opinion:

This bath bomb is great because it’s an all year round bath bomb, the colour pallet is really pretty and the smell is quite nice. If you can stand the explosion of glitter then you’ll probably enjoy this bath bomb a lot but for me it’s defiantly a turn off. I liked using this product but the glitter was defiantly not something I wanted. This is a fairly expensive bath bomb and so its not one I’ll be jumping for again as I feel there are others at this price point that are more worth my money.

Charliestar xoxo


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