The funny thing about distance

Hi all,

If you didn’t already know my boyfriend and I live over 200 miles apart and so travelling to each other takes around 8 hours by coach. One of us makes this trip once or sometimes twice a month. Sounding crazy? We know. To make it seem crazier sometimes are visits are just for the weekend.

I’ve been asked so many questions out my long distance relationship (LDR) and the majority are regarding the travelling! ‘Why don’t you go by train’, ‘how don’t you get bored’ and ‘why bother for short visits?’. I thought it’d be fun to answer all of these questions for you.

Before that I just want to talk about travelling this distance. The funny thing is that now I’ve done it so regularly it doesn’t feel like I’m going as far. Of course it’s still a 16 hour round trip but I’m so use to it now that it doesn’t seem like this massive extraordinary. Its only when I tell people and their jaw drops to the floor that I remember travelling 16 hours in one weekend isn’t a ‘normal’ thing to do. But for me it is normal and as long as Haydn’s waiting for me at the end I wouldn’t change it.


Q: Why don’t you go by train?

A: In short it’s super expensive and only saves us like 2 hours. No matter what way we travel we will still be sat for an extensive period of time and no amount of padded seating could stop this kind of numb bum! Because we live in the UK we can use National Express coaches which literally go everywhere in the UK and are so frequent that they always fit into our schedules. Another cool thing about this service is the young persons coach cards that we use to save a third on our tickets. (I know trains do this too but they still work out £70+)

Q: How don’t you get bored?

A: We do… but we take things with us to stay occupied. Most of my journey is spent listening to music, (Shout out to my Dad for providing Spotify Premium I wouldn’t live without it) if I ever get bored of music I can scroll through social media or write on my blog – this is actually being written on a coach – this is another great reason for travelling by coach the 4G and signal coverage is much better than on trains. The third thing I do is watch movies on my iPad or Laptop depending on which I’ve taken. Taking a laptop means I can do school work but I’m usually way to excited to do this and on the way back I just wanna relax.

Q: Why bother when the visits so short?

A: Of course there’s the loved up answer if he means everything to me. I’ll try and be more practical though. Haydn works full time and I’m at 6th form in the week and also work part time. This means that even if I did stay longer in Leeds or Haydn stayed longer in Bournemouth one of us would be missing school (hurting my already awful attendance) or using up holiday time. Of course when I’m on a school holiday Haydn takes time of so we can have longer together but for us seeing each other every school holiday just wouldn’t be enough. So that leaves us with the choice of weekend visits. I arrange it with work to travel up and leave after my classes finish (which is 1pm or 2pm depending on the timetable week) or Haydn takes a day of and travels through the night to pick me up from school. It works for us and I always think it’s worth it.

I hope this wasn’t too long for you all. I could have oven short answers but I wanted to explain fully! Congratulations if you’ve made it to the end of this!

Charliestar xoxo

Emoji I’m loving: 🌈🌈🌈


With Haydn: TODAY

Lukas Graham: TOMORROW

Disney on ice: 27 Days

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