Lottie London – Shimmer Squad

Scroll straight to the bottom to see pictures of this product 😊

First Impressions:

I’ve seen a lot of hype floating round this product on the internet over the past week and so its no surprise that after going on a little mid-week shopping trip with my friend Katie this highlight pallet went straight in my basket. (Katie’s amazing and you should all go check out her YouTube: This new Lottie London ‘Shimmer Squad’ highlight pallet is sold in Superdrug for £9.95. Looking at the shades there very shimmery and with the 4 colour options there’s definitely something for everyone. From light to dark the colour names are ‘The trouble maker’, ‘The good girl’, ‘The queen bee’ and ‘The flirt’. I’m straight away drawn into ‘The good girl’ and ‘The queen bee’ so after swatching these colours I’m super excited to try them out and see what I think. The swatches are so pigmented, shimmery and they feel so smooth on the finger.

Using the product:

I did my makeup as I always do and then took one of my EcoTool brushes, swirled it first into Queen Bee and then later overlayed that with a little bit of Troublemaker and Good Girl. It went on well and was really pigmented straight away. I should have avoided Troublemaker because this white, chalky colour definitely wasn’t the look I was going for but if I’d just kept to the more pinked toned I would have gotten the look I had wanted. I wore this product to school and looked back at it by taking a flash photo after about 4 hours. My hairs is a little damp and I can’t contour so just ignore that in the photo. Other than that with the flash on this is definitely a blinding highlight in my opinion but in natural lighting its more everyday shimmer. I think this combination makes for a lovely pallet. This is by far my favourite drugstore highlight I’ve ever used.

Overall opinion:

The price, pigmentation, colour choices and quality make this product an unmissable purchase. I am in love with the shades Queen Bee and Good Girl. If you like your highlight to be blinding even in natural lighting you’d probably be let down by this product but for flash photography this would work amazingly. This just gives such a pretty look! I’m in love. This is the first Lottie London product I have tried and after this I’m defiantly intrigued to try more.

Charliestar xoxo






3 thoughts on “Lottie London – Shimmer Squad

  1. Lovely highlighters! I never bought an expensive highlighter, so I may sound ignorant, but I do believe that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a nice one, (or four in this case). 😛

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