Fresh Nudes Foundations – The Body Shop

First Impressions:

I picked this foundation up from the body shop for £15, whilst this isn’t quite drugstore price it’s still a little way of from being high end. Another good thing to add is that the colour spectrum for these foundations is pretty wide so most people should have luck finding their shade. For me the perfect shade is Hawaii Macadamia 024. It claims to have a semi-matte finish which is great, I usually go for a matte finish but seeing as were moving into warmer months I’m wanting to use a foundation with a slightly dewier finish. Another plus of this foundation is that is has SPF 15. I know I know IT HAS FLASHBACK but I’m trying to take better care of my skin so by having SPF included in my foundation it makes is a lot easier to look after and care for my skin. This product has a weird smell to it, it’s not chemically and does smell natural – I mean it is The Body Shop – but I actually quite like the smell. However, if you like your foundation to smell of nothing then this probably isn’t gonna cut it for you. Another thing I’ve noticed that may mean this one isn’t the one for you is that its quite running, if you use a mouse like formula already then this might be a bit of a shock to you. Again this is all down to personal preference as I don’t mind a liquid foundation.

Using the product:

I was super excited to put this foundation on this morning and as it was my first time using it I wasn’t sure how much to apply. I like a medium coverage foundation that’s not dewy but not matte – the perfect in between. I decided to use two pumps to get started. I used my Real Techniques buffing brush to blend the foundation into my skin – I must say this colour is the perfect tone for my skin which makes me very happy. Two pumps were more than enough for one layer, it did give a very nice medium coverage that smoothed out my complexion and did a fairly good job of covering spots. I think it would be quite a buildable formula if I had wanted to go that little bit more towards full coverage, the finish was also semi-matte as promised which was great to see. I then did the rest of my makeup using the drugstore products I normally would (GO READ MY DRUGSTORE MAKEUP LOOK TOO SEE MORE) and headed off to school. I didn’t do any particularly vigorous exercise throughout the day – unless I’m allowed to count the three flights of stairs that nearly kill me every time – although the classrooms were a tad hot. This didn’t go well with the foundation and it defiantly wasn’t helped by the fact that this makeup has SPF in it. However, I didn’t properly look at my makeup until around 2PM, over 6 hours since I had originally done it. At 2pm the foundation had sunk in to my smile lines and my forehead creases (no surprise there) and I was getting a little shinny in my oily areas like around my nose, my chin and T-Zone. But other than that it still looked pretty good. If I’d have had my makeup kit on me I would have re-powdered my face and used some concealer on my dark circles and spots which were no longer covered by the concealer. Other than that I though this foundation worked well for me and gave me a really nice fresh look for the majority of the day.

Overall Opinion:

YES YES YES! This foundation is great. I love the formula, application and finish of this foundation. If you like liquid, medium coverage, semi-matte foundations this is your girl. I have normal skin but I still looked shinny after about 6 hours so if you have oily skin this might not be the best shout for you. Or if you need a foundation that stays flawless for more than 6 hours this might not be the best shout either. But I think for everyday use this is a great choice, whilst not drugstore price it’s still only £15 which is defiantly worthwhile. The Body Shop is a really great company who are well known for quality so if you are considering buying this foundation then just remember that you’re paying for a quality made and produced product. All that said I  will defiantly be continuing to use this foundation as I really enjoyed it.

Charliestar xoxo


I’ve included a picture of my face with just the foundation on so you can see how it looks without any other product on.

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