Long Distance Relationship Q&A – PART 1

Hey Guys,

It’s pretty well known that my relationship with Haydn is long distance. If you’re not a fan of other couples (we are particularly cringe) then this post will probably make you want to vomit. But anyways I wanted to do this post as Haydn is obviously a big part of my life.

So, if you weren’t already aware LDR Instagram accounts are a massive community over on Instagram and of course being the social media obsessed girl I am I created one. (@211_miles) I made this back in like September and its grown a little, so now that I’m blogging and I have this account I thought I’d combine the two and answer some of the questions you guys have asked me. On Monday & Tuesday I posted a picture asking my followers to ask questions about LDR or just Haydn and I in general.  I’ve had quite a lot of question so to keep it short and sweet Part 1 will be answering your questions specific to me and Haydn and on Sunday I’ll upload part 2 which will be more general LDR advice.

The Instagram accounts of everyone whose asked questions will be linked too so be sure to check them out! Some off their stories are so inspiring!

Anyway mini babble over let get to the questions:


Q: Where and how did you guys meet?

A: It’s such a long complicated story and could probably be its on post entirely. In short, a mutual friend introduced us over a skype group call and then we began chatting privately and eventually skyping just us two and now here we are a year and 7 months later.


Q: How often do you see each other?

A: We always aim to see each other at least once a month and have managed this amazingly over the past 11 months, we’ve even been lucky to have multiple visit some months. So far this year we’ve been having visits every 11 days!


Q: How long have you two been together?

A: We started dating on April 6th 2016 – which was the first day we met. So were currently at just over 11months but next month we’ll be celebrating an entire year together and honestly that’s so mad!


Q: What is your favourite thing about each other?

A: My favourite thing about Haydn is going to sound super cliché but I honestly mean it. I love the way he treats me, I couldn’t ask for a more loving, caring boyfriend. He comforts me when I’m sad and reminds me that everything will be okay. He’s my best friend and boyfriend all in one and I can’t think of a better combination. (H): I love that Charlotte strengthens my aspirations and makes me want to be the best version of me I can be.


Q: How often did you guys get into fights before you first met and how did you deal with them?

A: I honestly can’t remember how often but when we fight now there is one key thing we always do. We always ring each other before bed and we have done since as long I can remember, if we’ve fought during the day we will stay up on the phone to try and resolve things or at least talk them through. This way neither of us fall asleep extremely upset.


Q: What does your family think of the LDR?

A: Our families were pretty sceptical at first I mean long distance relationships are hard and not the norm. But now they’re all super supportive which is great! We’re so grateful for all the times they go out of their way to drop us off or pick us up from the coach station at all times of the morning and night. Having their support makes everything a whole lot easier.


Q: Do your parents know about your relationship?

A: Well seeing as we’ve met each other in person I’m not sure how to answer this question. I guess if I changed it to ‘did your parents know about your relationship before you met’ I could answer it. My parents knew I talked to him but didn’t really know that I had a massive crush on him. Although we weren’t an official couple before we met IRL we acted like we were and my parents didn’t really know about us at that point.


Q: When is the next time you’ll be seeing each other and do you have anything special planned?

A: So although we are currently together our next visit will be on the 12th of April which will be when we celebrate our year anniversary. We have a few ideas of what we’ll be doing but because nothing is finalised just yet we’ll be posting a lot about it when everything is confirmed so keep checking our account @211_miles


Q: When do you guys plan on closing the distance?

A: I’m in my first year of ALevels so have about a year and a half left until I finish school. I don’t really think Uni is for me and want to start and apprenticeship once I finish. Haydn already has an amazing apprenticeship in Leeds so if everything goes to plan I’ll be moving in with him June/July of 2018.


I hope this has given you guys a little more of an insight into our relationship and that you enjoyed reading. Part 2 of this post will be up on Sunday and that one has advice questions & answers for you all.

Charliestar xoxo




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