What happened with Lent?

Hi Guys,

I hope your week has started of well! I thought I’d do another mid-week upload to let you all know how Lent is going. Remember back at the start of the month when I truly believed I had the will power to refrain from eating chocolate for 40 days? Well that turned out to be very optimistic thinking… In reality I am easily won over by the Brownie and Oreo ice cream that exists in Sprinkles (Ice Cream Parlor).

I did manage to go 17 days without chocolate though which I’m still counting as an achievement… sort of… But unfortunately on Friday night Haydn and I went to see the new Beauty and The Beast movie (HIGHLY RECOMMEND), went for a meal and then was treated to Sprinkles for dessert. It was delicious, I’ve have no regrets and I am not even slightly sorry for my actions.

But did the 17 days of a chocolate free diet show any improvements to my skin? No. Bluntly haha. I realise lent is about celebrating the life and death of Jesus (or something religious like that) but I decided to give it a go in order to better myself. It didn’t work, I’m going back to the chocoholic I love to be and that’s that.

I tried my best don’t judge me.

Charliestar xoxo

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