Benefit: What Would I Repurchase?

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This is actually Part two of my Benefit products review as part one is located over on Roseviewslife blog, so if you haven’t yet read part one go and read it over on If you are here looking for part two, then welcome and let’s get onto the review:

In part 1 I reviewed the ‘That Gal’ Primer, The Benefit Pore Fessional and the Roller Lash Mascara. I have three products left to talk about; Triple preforming face emulsion (mini), High beam liquid (mini) highlight and Rockateur blush.

Triple Preforming Face Emulsion:

I really enjoy using this product. The white serum defiantly has a clean fresh smell that is neither sweet or fruity, it’s just nice and simple. I tend to use this product after taking my makeup off in the evening, because it refreshes my skin before bed. I wouldn’t use it before doing my makeup as it makes my skin look shinny whereas I prefer a matte finish to my makeup. Considering I have a small sample size of this product its save to say that it’ll last a while, a little defiantly goes a long way. The full sized bottle will cost a massive £27! Whilst I do think this is a great product I already have a relatively expensive face moisturiser form Lush that cost me around £14. Although the Lush product comes in a much smaller container a little still goes along way and so for that reason I would probably be more likely to repurchase the Lush product. However, if you’re not a Lushie or you simply just like the brand Benefit then this would defiantly be a great product to get your hands on – or save up for it.

High Beam Liquid Highlight:

This is one of those products that really just depends on the way you like your makeup to look. If you’re a subtle highlight kinda gal (or guy) then you’d probably love this product! You don’t have to use much to get that nice natural glow highlighting your check bones. It blends well when dapped in with your finger or a beauty blender however a brush doesn’t give the best results (I’ve tried a real techniques brush and an Eco Tool brush). Personally, I’m more of the glittery highlight kinda human and so this one doesn’t really cut it for me. Priced at £21.50 this product would be great if subtle highlight is your thing but for me I’ll stick to the sparkly powder highlights.

Rockateur Blush.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! This is the perfect colour for me, I love the way it looks, applies and lasts on my cheeks. I use a Real Techniques brush to gently apply it along my cheekbones to add some colour and definition. It lasts so well and honestly the finish is great. Whilst it’s not matte, it’s not overly shimmery – the product is just perfectly satin. Sold for £24.50, this is an incredible product to spend your dollar on. These box powder products have been a favourite amongst the beauty community since they first hit the shops so it’s no surprise that this has become one of my favourite beauty products over the past couple of months. It’s just so pretty!

If you wanted to read about the other three products I reviewed head over to

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