The Worst Types of Customers

Hey guys,

Just a lighthearted quick read for you all tonight, but I hope you enjoy it. Working in retail has taught me many things… Most importantly its taught me how to not be an annoying customer that staff members have nightmares of dealing with. Every person who has ever worked in retail will have these same hatreds towards certain types of customers but no one ever seems to talk about them. I thought sharing them with you might help you learn how to be a more respected shopper.

Firstly, having a fitting room in store is great and super convenient. But when customers shove back a pile of inside out jeans with the hangers placed on top I want to cry. I know skinny jeans always go inside out when taken off put they can be put back round the right way and put on the hanger. Chances are people won’t put the jeans on the hanger in a way that meets the hanging standards (yes they exist) so I have to sort them anyway but having them round the right way really speeds up that process.

Next, are customers who are self-absorbed in their phone conversations whilst waiting in line at the tills. There’s only so many times I can say ‘Can I help’ or ‘whose next’ before I feel like a mug. Just put the phone down for 5 minutes so I can quickly serve you and then get back to your conversation. ARGH headphone users.

One of the most frustrating things is the customers who casually stroll in 5 minutes from closing time and start having a good old browse like they’ve got all the time in the world. I can’t leave until every customer is gone – the longer they ponder about for the longer it takes for me to get home. Also please don’t be that customer who tries to use the fitting rooms once its already been shut. I get that you’ve finished work late and are in a rush to buy a last minute dress for your meal out tomorrow but honestly I don’t care. I want to leave. Use the online service to get stuff delivered to you and then bring back what doesn’t work when you have more than 48 seconds till close.

Lastly and maybe worse off all are the customers that are just straight up grumpy and rude. They’ve chosen to go shopping if they’re not in the mood to be a decent human being just stay home and shop online. If I smile at you on the tills before 10 am or after 7pm you should consider yourself honoured and smile back – or at least acknowledge me when I try to make small talk at the tills. The silence whilst I beep through items and customers put their pin into the card machine is painful otherwise.

I love my little job but workers are people too and I have anti people days just as much as customers do. I hope you have learnt the things not to do whilst shopping. Also don’t be offended by any off this I just wanted to have this little rant.

Charliestar xoxo

P.S. I have a very exciting parcel arriving from HushedUK later on the week so look out for reviews on all the gorgeous products coming in that!


Disney on Ice: 3 Days

Seeing Haydn again: 14 days

Summer Holidays: 101 days!


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