More Hushed Products! – First Impressions

Hey Guys,

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while now you might remember my collaboration with HushedUK. On Thursday last week a very exciting parcel filled with wonderful Hushed products. However, this parcel isn’t all happiness because the HushedUK brand are stopping production of their products! I’m so upset that I won’t be able to purchase more of these beauties but will definitely cherish them whilst I can. Despite the fact that Hushed won’t be producing more of their products I’ve decided to create this post as tribute to the company and share with you what I initially think of all the products I have been sent.

Anyway without further rambling let’s get into my first impressions:


Bubble Donut – Vanilla Sky: This is one of the products I have received from Hushed before so if you would like to check out a full review on this product then use this link: But if you want some quick thoughts on this product then just keep reading.

I absolutely love the design of this product as who doesn’t love mini donut shaped bath products. The gentle blend of vanilla and peppermint is such a nice calming scent. This product is sold for £3.99 which is such a great price considering you can get up to 3 uses out of this product.


Bubble Donut – Out Of This World: I picked out this product because I thought the design on the donut was so cool. This blue donut has gold glitter creating a globe sort of look onto op the product. Just like the other donut this one has a very similar scent. However, I think Out of This World has a stronger scent (of course all the products are handmade so quantities of each ingredient can vary which could explain the slight difference). This is sold for £3.99 which I think is such a fair price for a product you can get so many uses out of.


Cupcake Bubble Bomb (coconut):  This is a new product to me but after using the Lemon Sherbet version of this product my expectations are high. This product comes with a mini bubble bar (the star on top of the cupcake) and a bath bomb (the base of the product). Oh my days this two in one product is so so great! The one I received this time is a pink and white mix and I cannot wait to use this one. I can definately smell traces of coconut in this product but unfortunately the scent has mixed with the other products I received so I can’t fully distinguish what it is I’m smelling. This innovative product is sold for £3.99 and I 100% recommend it if stock ever comes back.


Bath Cereal: I was so excited when I opened up my parcel to see a little tub of Bath Cereal sitting inside. I mean who wouldn’t want to put a fruit loop type product into their bath? This little rainbow of colours smells like the perfect mix of peppermint and baking; I can’t wait to make mountains of bubbles with this product in my bath. Unfortunately, this product has sold out now so you won’t be able to get your hands on it, but if Hushed ever make a comeback this should be top of your list!


Kiss Me Quick Lemon Sherbet Lip Balm:  I was so pleased to see one of these little lip balms thrown into my parcel. It smells so good and feels great on the lips. I’m super pleased I’ve been able to try one of Hushed’s Skin care products before it was too late.

I’m so sad that HushedUK will no longer be an up and running business. I’m so grateful for the collab opportunity they gave me and I will be looking out for their return!

Charliestar xoxo

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