Meeting My Online Boyfriend In Real Life

Hey Guys,

This week has been a super exciting one for me (and Haydn) because we celebrated our anniversary. On the 6th of April we celebrated a year since the start of our relationship and a year since the day we first met in person. Although we had been talking for many months before meeting – September 2015 – we decided to wait until we met to make things official.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the very start of our relationship so if your interesting in getting to know more about the crazy, unusual yet incredible relationship I share with Haydn then just keep reading!

The way the situation of us meeting came about was so bizarre and super unexpected. I wasn’t even in the country when things were being organised. I’d left for a 10-day American ski trip and New York visit, and even though the rules were no gadgets with Wi-Fi access I still took my really old, super slow IPod touch. I had 3 apps installed; Facebook, messenger and snapchat. That was it! I literally just used my IPod for the basics and of course communicating with Haydn. Haydn would have to stay up till 3AM (U.K. Time) in order for us to talk for an hour or so before he’d go back to sleep and get up for 6th form later that morning. Anyway continuing with the story… Whilst I was away Haydn got so sad and lonely without me that he opened up to one of his sisters about me. This was really the start of the meeting process.

Dessa (his sister) responded in the most perfect way possible saying that herself and Haydn could travel down to Bournemouth in a little under 2 weeks so we could meet for the first. When Haydn initially told me we were actually going to be seeing each other I was shocked” I actually cried tears of joy. Train tickets were booked and a hotel was sorted. By the time I got home from America I had only a few days to wait.

Of course these days dragged but on the morning of the day we would finally be meeting I was a mess. I had a media revision class in the morning as I was preparing for an exam (timings were fine as Haydn’s train wasn’t getting to Bournemouth 3:45 PM). Honestly I felt sick one minute and excited as hell the next. I couldn’t control myself. I walked to the station with my best friend and waited. HOLY SHIT – it felt like I waited hours. But then he was there. In front of me, not a screen an actual real life person. The first time I got to hug him, learn his smell and kiss his lips was the most unreal and insane feeling I’d ever had in my entire life. In less than 3 weeks we’d gone from having no clue when we’d meet to being right there in front of each other.

Our first visit together was amazing. There was never any awkwardness I think that’s just because we we’re so real to each other through all the skyping, phones calls and texts. But like all good things our first visit came to an end. We thought we’d be waiting 3 months for our next but we ended up having a least one visit every month in between that time. A year later and we’re still managing visits every month.

I can’t actually believe it’s been a year since our first visit! I can’t wait to see what we get up to over the next year.

Thanks for reading this week – Sorry if this was to cringe for you!

Charliestar xoxo

P.S. If you have any LDR related questions then please ask away you can private message my LDR Instagram @211_miles.

Count downs:

London Trip & Seeing Haydn: 5 Days

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17 thoughts on “Meeting My Online Boyfriend In Real Life

  1. Great post, loved to read how you met and how you felt the first time you saw him in front of you, completely true! 🙂


  2. Firstly love to say congrats. Long distance relationship been a while since I heard anyone talk about. I think its romantic though and because shows real commitment to the both of you’ll. Sounds like its been an awesome journey till the point you’ll met and now that dream is a reality. I’m happy for you 🙂 reading blog posts like these make me excited about life again because its real.


    1. Awww I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I love sharing the stories of being a ldr couple because I know other people can be inspired by it 😂💜 now we’re looking forward too closing the distance 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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