What to spend £20 on at Lush! #1

Hey Guys,

Let’s be real, my addiction for Lush is strong. However, Lush is expensive and when you’re trying to save money or just don’t want to spend a ton it can be difficult to know what’s worthwhile picking up. Everyone is different and so the types products people want to use varies from person to person. To help make sure everyone can get the best of Lush in this list I’ve included a wide variety of what Lush has to offer, in the future I’m considering writing posts target towards different types of products. However, for now I’ve put together 4 products that I think shows the best of what Lush has to offer. (Unfortunately, this doesn’t include any products from their makeup range because it’s a little bit pricey and I’ve never tried it out.)


  1. Charity Pot – Lotions (45g) £3.50

This is a body and hand lotion that is created with a charity in mind (as the name suggests) a percentage of the money made goes the Lush’s chosen charity. I decided to include this product over a more scented body lotion because it has the same quality as the more expensive lotions but is inexpensive meaning you can try it out and see if the type of product works for you.


  1. The Comforter – Bubble Bar £4.95

Bubble bars are one of my favourite products from Lush because they make an insane amount of bubbles, you don’t have to use it in one go; in fact you can get around 4 uses from this product. The comforter is one of the classic and most popular Lush scents, although if you don’t like sweet scents it probably won’t be one for you.


  1. Catastrophe Cosmetic – Face Mask £7.25

Okay before you look at the price and cry just hear me out. Fresh face masks are my all-time favourite products from lush. They are so fresh that you have to keep them in the fridge! Despite the high price the results are amazing, my skin feels smooth, it helps my acne and I just generally feel like I have healthier skin – even after one use. The product stays fresh for around 4-5 weeks (maybe more but I’ve never had one for much longer than that). On average I get about 4/5 full masks from this product, I apply a thick layer and always cover my entire face, if you liked thinner layers of this product it would definitely last longer. The Catastrophe Cosmetic has real blueberries in it giving its fresh, fruity scent. However, there are a ton of other scents that all smell incredible! Each variety works better for different skin, just ask one of the workers to help you pick the right one for your skin type! To read my full review on this product click HERE


  1. Twilight – Bath Bomb £3.95

Lush are probably best known for their bath bombs. Twilight is a lavender scented bath bomb, that gives off breathtaking lilac and blue colours making your water turn into a deep purple. There is glitter in that bomb too, which makes it look like a starry night sky in the water. I’ve decided to include this one as part of this list because it’s my all-time favourite and gives a stunning ‘show’ in the water. If your new to lush or are just looking for a bath bomb that looks insane this is your girl!

And that’s it! The total cost is £19.65! Of course. I hope you’ve liked reading this post and that you find it somewhat informative. I’ll possibly upload more lists featuring just bath bombs, or bubble bars, ETC…

(All the images I’ve used are from google – I’m not currently using all these products)
Charliestar xoxo


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  2. That’s right, Lush is expensive, but it’s such an amazing brand 😍! It’s nice to know that we can still get a couple of products with just £20 though. I love their bath bombs !!

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    1. I think I’m going to do like a version 2 of this just looking at top bath bombs for value of money! Lush is great when you find something worthwhile! Currently have a £13 face moisturiser that I just sort of look at every now and again! *facepalm*

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  3. They do great products but can be pricey. Good to know how many uses you get out of each though as that brings cost down. Nearly £8 for face mask seems a lot but if can bring cost down to less than £2 a time for a treat that is not bad. I like the massage bars with glitter in but those use all at once although the glitter can stay around for months on clothes or people have come into contact with!

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  4. OK, so I have a hard time with Lush products because I used to eat shaving cream as a kid…….And I know that’s been 20 years, but I’m afraid I will just be sitting in the bath, running a marshmallow melt under the water and my childhood self will be like ” come on, what’s one little bite? Remember the shaving cream?


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