Jo Eve Body – Brand/Product First impressions

Before starting this blog I feel the need to state the obvious – whilst these product were kindly sent to me from the company the opinions I give are all my own. I wouldn’t write a positive review on products I actually don’t like.

Hey Guys,

A little while ago now I got in contact with the company Jo Eve Bath&Body (Facebook) (Instagram) who make the cutest products. They sent me a few to review and seeing as they arrived this week I thought I’d dedicate this post to the brand. Sharing a little first impressions about what I think about the company and their products. In my little parcel, I received a rose body scrub, a poppy seed soap in the rose scent and a cute little rose bath bomb. As you can imagine my entire room now smells like a floral heaven!

I want to keep this post simple and straight forward so I’ll try and work through in an order that makes sense.

The brand:

I was initially drawn to the brand after seeing their Instagram account (Instagram); everything looked so cute and great quality. Another great thing about this brand is that everything is handmade which means that the products are actually cared for whilst being created rather than produced in a factory that makes 100s a day. Whilst the company doesn’t have an official website they do have a super useful Facebook page which has information and prices of all the products. The customer service is fantastic; Joanna, the woman I spoke with, was very friendly and kept things simple, if you are interested in ordering definitely don’t be shy and drop them a little message! (Facebook).

In my order, the scents all have rose infusion, which I think is great, you can tell that thought and time has been put into creating a gift box with a nice range of scents and products that work well together. Of course, you can order whichever products you want, there is a nice amount to choose from and they come in a variety of scents too. Personally, I thought it was lovely to receive a parcel that had a theme. When going through each product I received I’ll be sure to include a list of the variety of scents available.


Receiving my package:

My parcel came in a large, padded envelope with a box inside; it was nice to see this as it made it feel like a luxury package had arrived for me. Even the box the product came it is cute! In case you were wondering, the products are padded with little bits of folded paper to keep them safe and snug. In my parcel I received a bath bomb, a body scrub and a soap. As I previously mentioned they all have a rose scent, which meant opening this box was like walking into a field of fresh flowers – Heaven! Another great thing about getting products with the same scent is that they have similar colours too making my box very aesthetically pleasing to be quite honest.

The products:


The first product that caught my eye when opening the box was the Rose Body Scrub. I received a 190ml jar, which is sold at £4.50. This product smells incredible! The smell is so fresh and not artificial which is usually common with the rose scents, but this one isn’t at all! I’m hooked. The packaging is also great quality which adds to the luxury feel of the brand. The product comes in a glass jar with a gold lid, other than a small logo on the front there is nothing else helping to keep in simple and modern. I suffer from acne on my back which makes my skin rough, I was excited to try out this scrub because it says that it works for sensitive skin. Of course when dealing with an acne prone area like my back I only want to use products that have sensitive skin in mind because it’s a delicate area. I’ve only used this product once so far but its worked great, there are already noticeable results. As well as this a little goes a long way, which means 190ml will last a while, also making it great value for money. It’s no surprise this is one of Jo Eve’s best sellers This product also comes in 3 different scents: Lemon, Lavender and Eucalyptus. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, handmade body scrub then this will be perfect for you.


Next up is the Circle Rose and Poppy-seed Bar, which is sold for £2.85. Just like the other products in my parcel, this comes in the same rose scent, which is beautiful. The brand definitely keeps to the simple, pretty design. I’m super excited to start using this soap – I’m currently working through one from The Body Shop. Seeing as I haven’t used this yet I can’t say if the price is worthwhile although by the looks of the it and the size it’s worth the money. The other available scents are: Lemon & Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree.

Last, but not least – my personal favourite – the small Rose Bath bomb sold for just £2.00! This comes wrapped in tissue paper that is shaped like a candy wrapped, this was just too cute. At first, I thought this was just a simple pink bath bomb but it actually has some little dried petals on top. Everything about this bath bomb is adorable. I was so fricking excited to use this product that I decided to use it right away. The bomb fizzes nicely for about a minute and a half. The little petals float of the top and the colouring turns the bath water a milky white colour, it’s not pinky like the colour of the bath bomb but because of its size I’m not disappointed at all.  The scent remains too even after bomb has fizzed away, in my opinion the scent is perfect for relaxing and chilling out. Definitely will be purchasing some of these little cuties again. The other scents currently available are; Lavender & Ylang Yland, Tea Tree and Coconut. Although new scents are currently being worked on.

Overall Opinion:

The Jo Eve branding and packaging just looks so luxurious which is great because the products are so affordable but look incredible. So far I think the products are great quality and I love the fact that they are homemade! The scent and colours of the product are definitely my favourite part, the fresh Rose scent is to die for – not sure I’d mentioned that yet… Anyway, I love this brand and can’t wait to try out more products by them. Thank you so much Jo Eve for sending me there gorgeous products, I can’t wait to explore more from you guys!

Check out the company! (Facebook) (Instagram)

Charliestar xoxo


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