Mother Earth – Bath Bomb Review

Hey guys,

Having a good day? I realised that I haven’t uploaded a Lush bath bomb review since the 2nd February! Seeing as that was the first style of post I uploaded to my blog, I thought I’d throw back to the beginning and upload another Lush bath bomb review! I’ve uploaded a video which you can watch (HERE)

Whilst in London with Haydn, (Blog post here) I was able to venture into Lush Oxford street. I didn’t pick up a ton of products but I did get three of the exclusive bath bombs to try out! One of which was the might Mother Earth bath bomb. I call it mighty because holy shiiit this bath bomb is huge. This is my second time using a giant bath bomb – Click here to read my review on Nebula .Anyway before I spoil more let’s get into the review.

Video Link here

First impressions:

Obviously the thing that attracted me most to this bath bomb is the face that it’s about 4x the size of regular bombs. Pretty impressive stuff. It’s globe design – expected by the name – is so cute, the whole bath bomb is just so much cooler seeing as it has this design. Although the pale blue and green outer shell blended into each other quite a lot and it was a little difficult to see the different shades of the design as it wasn’t very bold. The website lists tangerine and peppermint oil as the outstanding scents, they’re not kidding. I can definitely smell the mint although the tangerine is more floral than fruity in my opinion, either way neither scent is over powering. I find this to be quite a relaxing and soothing scent. The product is sold for £7.95, seems like a pretty fair price seeing as it is 4x bigger than regular bath bombs which are around £4. However, you can’t break this product in half so you do have to use it all in one go making it a pretty expensive bath time treat. Another downside to this product is that its super dusty, trying to take pictures was a challenge and I ended up with blue and green dust everywhere. It’s also super heavy which is another thing to bare in mind.

Using the product:

I cannot cope with the beauty that this product created in my bath – this is what dreams are made of! The outer shell spits blue and green colours out into the water creating the start of a masterpiece. Next the core is cracked into releasing beautiful pink and purple into the water. The bomb fizzes around energetically for around 6 minutes before it cracks apart and is more slow In releasing the colours. Overall my bath bomb fizzed for around 17 minutes – definitely can’t complain at that. Of course the marbled affected doesn’t last forever so eventually the water and colours mix together creating opaque purple water that has a fair bit of glitter in it. The water feels so smooth and luxurious, I honestly spent over an hour relaxing as it was so nice. (If your into quick baths avoid this product as it’s a waste of money for you).

Overall opinion:

I LOVE IT! This is by far the best Lush product I’ve ever used! Even the foamy bubbles had purple and turquoise in them for gods sake! My skin was left so smooth and smelling so fresh! This isn’t a regular bath bomb though and wouldn’t by it a lot as it is quite pricey, but it definitely made a nice treat. The only negatives I have to say about this product is that the bath bomb has a lot of dye in it which stuck to my skin leaving some pink marks on my white towels (My Mum wasn’t impressed) my left hand nails have also gone a little pink – just the left hand though not the right one? Wtf? I’ll be dropping Lush a complaint for this reason but other than that minor issue this is a gorgeous bath bomb. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good long bath or who loves Lush products that put on an incredible ‘show’ in the water.

Charliestar xoxo

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