4 inexpensive date ideas

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? If you’re wanting ideas on great dates but don’t want to spend a lot of money or are just looking for ideas, this post is perfect for you. Some of the best dates Haydn and I have ever had cost under £15, I figured sharing them with you might be helpful. Let’s quit the rambling and get into this!

  1. When we’re both in Bournemouth we enjoy going for walks along this river near where I live. We make a little picnic, walk down to the river and sit on a fishing platform. It’s a peaceful place where we can just relax and talk. The fishing platform holds a lot of memories for us too, since its where we went on our first visit to discuss how we’d make the relationship work and what we both wanted. Now I just sort of see that as ‘our’ place.

Photo 18-03-2017, 1 05 22 pm.jpg

  1. Mini golf/Crazy golf courses exist pretty much everywhere and they’re usually pretty cheap! We love playing mini golf but never play competitively we just do it for fun, but if you were wanting to be a little bit more competitive you can totally do that too. The best course we’ve ever been on was at Boscombe Pier. The crazy golf course is actually on the Pie.! At the end of the course you put your ball into the sea and it dissolves into fish food, I just think that is so cool! The best part was it was only about £10 for us both.

mini golf

  1. If you don’t want to leave the house you could take some duvets and blankets into the garden and listen to some music after nightfall. You don’t even need to see the stars if you light your own candles. We get some snacks, take my speaker and listen to a playlist of music we’ve made together on Spotify. We sit wrapped in blankets, light some candles and just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere together.


  1. Another great one for indoorsy people is making microwave popcorn and watching a movie you’ve never seen before. Although try and pick one that you Boyfriend/Girlfriend won’t fall asleep through as Haydn has done so many times! The best part about this one is that you can stay in your pyjamas and cuddle up on the sofa. Making microwave popcorn and watching an unseen movie makes a cute night in together.

Photo 15-02-2017, 10 49 34 pm

What’s your favourite low budget date or just date in general? Leave a comment!

Charliestar xoxo 


Next seeing Haydn: 28 Days

Coasts concert: 30 Days

Catfish and the Bottlemen concert: 75 Days

Summer holidays: 81 Days

Scouting For Girls concert: 195 Days


9 thoughts on “4 inexpensive date ideas

  1. This was such nice ideas! Thank you! And I agree that the best moments togehter doesn’t have to cost much or nothing! It seems like you and your boyfriend have a really good time. I’m in a long distance realtionsship since 6 months. My boyfriend lives in Spain and I live in Sweden. And we are preparing our first visit and like I told him, I rather sit by the river with a sandwich side by side, that on a fancy expensive restaurant. The important part is beeing togehter. Thank you for sharing your story on this nice blog of yours,!

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  2. I’m excited for you to see Haydn again! 😍
    For my boyfriend and I, we loved to walk around different parks and gardens. Free entrance and sometimes, we’d just buy something cheap to eat. I enjoyed it! 😊

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