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Q&A Post – Favourite makeup, moving in with Haydn? and more

Hey guys,

My last Q&A did so well that I thought I’d do another! I asked you to leave me questions over on my Instagram – if your not already following make sure you do so you can keep up to date with what I’m doing! To help keep things simple I’ve tried to categorise the questions to make it easier to read.


Q: Would you classify yourself as a messy or tidy person? @just.a.little.bit.orf.nothing

My mum is definitely going to read this and make her own judgment but honestly I consider myself to be more of a tidy person. My room might look like a bombs gone off by the middle of the week but I do like things to be kept tidy and organised – I’m a perfectionist. My room has a lot of stuff in it like products, furniture and just other things that make it look cluttered and messy.


Q: What’s your favourite makeup product you’ve used so far? @malaika_n2004

This is so hard to answer as it depends on what category of makeup you mean. The products I use most regularly are Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, I heart makeup Goddess of Love highlight, Maybelline Fit me matte finish foundation and the I heart makeup Naked Chocolate bar eyeshadow palette. I love these products because they work well for me and most of them are from the drugstore.

Q: What’s your makeup routine when your skin has a breakout? @lauren_diannex

Unfortunately, I pretty much have constant acne and breakouts. The one product (well 3 actually) that I have found to work well for me are the Anti Blemish Solutions by Clinique (Link here). These products can be brought as a set of 3 minis for £25 or in full sized for around £18 each.

LDR (Long Distance Relationship) related questions

Q: How often do you guys text/call/meet up? @peterf01

We text all day long! We call every morning/night and we skype in the evening if we’re both free or course. Sounds pretty intense – I suppose it is but it works well for us and always has done.

Q: What is the secret to a perfect Long Distance Relationship that’ll last forever @rahul_unuom26916

There isn’t one. Haydn and I are not perfect, we don’t have the perfect relationship. We only chose to publicise the great parts. The thing is, every couple will fight and that’s healthy. Haydn and I fight, get mad, have down days and we feel lonely too just like every other long distance couple. 5 top tips would be; communicate about everything even if the other person can’t do anything, we have a regular routine of when we’re able to talk, plan visits and countdown to them to keep positive, we enjoying be present in each other lives and lastly we enjoy our own lives too.

Q: Did any of your friends find this account (Our couples Instagram account) and what did they say? Love your blog btw its really good! @jenn.dunne

Thanks Jenn that’s such a lovely comment! Loads of my friends found this account and of course made comments and tried to be mean about it but I just laughed it off most of the time. I told them the truth – I started the @211_miles LDR Instagram account to connect with other couples in the same situation as us, give hope and inspire other couples and (the main reason) to create a little journey of mine and Haydn’s relationship.

Q: When did you meet? What was you parents reaction to knowing you were falling in love with a guy from afar? @josh_and_gen

We met in person for the first time on April 6th 2016 which was around 7 months after we began talking online. Neither of us fully told our parents what was going on, we didn’t hide the fact that we skyped almost constantly and when the time did come around for us to meet they were all super supportive. I suppose they were sceptical about us at first but they never tried to stop us – we were lucky.

Q: Do you have any traditions or rituals? @lauren_diannex

Haydn and I pretty much always go for walks but other than that not really. One thing I have noticed recently is that Haydn never says bye at the end of the visit he just says ‘see you soon’ or something similar.

Q: When do you think you will be closing the distance? And who will move where? @longdistance200_14 Q: What are your future plans? @oussema_yvonne

This IS the best question by far and I LOVE talking about this! Haydn and I plan to lose the distance around July 2018! The plan is for me to move to Leeds and live with Haydn there. Of course nothing is finalised yet and could change – don’t hold us to these dates as there still flexible haha.

Charliestar xoxo


Next seeing Haydn: 23 Days

Coasts concert: 26 Days

Catfish and the Bottlemen concert: 71 Days

Summer holidays: 77 Days

Scouting For Girls concert: 191 Days


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