13 Reasons Why – Challenge


Hey Guys,

Today’s post was suppose to be an LDR pros and cons however after uploading my 13 Reasons Why overview/opinion post (CLICK HERE TO READ THAT) Steph from Virtual Vomit reached out to me and invited me to join in with her challenge. The #13reasonswhyimhappy challenge was created to celebrate happiness. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST) I think it’s a great way to get a positive outcome from this trending TV series and that’s why I’ve decided to do it as my blog post for today!

Before I start, I would like to nominate some of my favourite bloggers to take part in this challenge too! These bloggers are great to make sure you check them out too!

My 13 Reasons:

  1. Haydn – we all knew he’d be on this list, but its true! Haydn makes me the happiest I’ve ever been. He’s an incredible person and I love him with my entire heart. He is my soulmate.
  2. My family – as cliché as it sounds my family mean a lot to me. I have been raised by and around some amazing people. From my mum who’s more like my best friend to my Nan and Grandad who once taught me to ride my bike. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many caring people.
  3. Friends – of course this will be on most people’s list but it’s definitely need on mine! I only have a small circle of close friends (who I won’t name as I don’t know how they feel about me writing about them) but they mean a lot to me. Time I spend with them is so treasured and it makes me so happy to be around them.
  4. Music – My current favoruites bands are Coasts, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Scouting for Girls. I’m also loving the songs ‘The one’ by Kodaline, ‘Young volcanoes’ by Fall Out Boy and ‘Safe inside’ by James Arthur. Who doesn’t get happy when listening to their favourite songs?

(As I’m writing this I am realising how basic I am… *facepalm*)

  1. The TV show Friends – who doesn’t love a good Friends episode? Over the 5 years that I have been watching Friends I’ve developed such a love for all the characters. Every year I binge watch the entire series twice! – I call it my winter viewing and my summer viewing… Okay maybe I’m a freak…
  2. Blogging – I wouldn’t run my blog unless it was something I actually enjoy. I love working on posts and interacting with other bloggers it really does make me happy.
  3. Home comfort things – by this I mean my penguin blanket and the build-a-bear Haydn and I made along with another bear he brought for me. Basically I just love being snuggled down and cosy in bed.
  4. Bathbombs – It’s getting more basic… But a good Lush bath or any bath bomb to be honest can cheer me up after a hard day!
  5. The fact that Sea Turtles exist – There my favourite animal, the little babies are so cute and watching them swim around is the most peaceful and relaxing thing ever!
  6. Sims 4 – Trust me when I say I’m addicted! I’ve been playing Sims since I was about 7… I use to watch my auntie play and the addiction began. Now I mostly play Sims 4 although I do own a collection of every Sims 2 expansion pack that was ever released including item packs like H&M clothing and IKEA furniture. Say no more…
  7. Pictures – I love looking back on photos, remembering the memories brings me pure happiness. Haydn hates this one though as he never wants to take cute pictures with me!
  8. Disney – I’m quite a fan of Disney movies, especially the musical ones!
  9. My pets – I have the cutest Rabbit and Cat, their both so silly and do the funniest things. The pair of them make me smile so often.

It was actually so hard to write 13 things that make me happy. Not because there aren’t 13 things but because it’s not something I think about everyday. I was actually so nice to reflect on these things for once as usually we take them for granted!

Please join in with this tag on your own blogs! Use the #13reasonswhyimhappy so it can be found in reader! There aren’t really any rules except to make a list of 13 reasons why you are happy. If you want to use the featured image I have used (without my name on) then please just ask, I’m more than happy to send it too. I don’t own the rights as I got the image from google.

Thanks for reading this week! I will upload the Pros and Cons of an LDR post on Tuesday for you all! Look out for it.

Charliestar xoxo


Next seeing Haydn: 19 Days

Coasts concert: 23 Days

Catfish and the Bottlemen concert: 68 Days

Summer holidays: 74 Days

Scouting For Girls concert: 188 Days

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