Pros and Cons of a Long Distance Relationship

Hey Guys, 

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve been in a long distance relationship since April 6th 2016. I’ve been asked all the dumb questions and tried to find useful answers to each one but obviously people still ask why! There are more cons than pros – its pretty hard to be away from someone you love – but believe it or not there are some pros to this type of relationship! I thought I’d put together my own Pros and Cons list of an LDR to share with you guys!

  • Con – you can’t just ring them and ask them to come over. Visits are planned and usually organised in advance so an element of spontaneity is lost from the relationship.
  • Pro – You’ll learn to appreciate the little things in the relationship. Simple things like holding hands or waking up next to them are things couples usually take for granted but LDR couples know the importance and meaningfulness of them. Making them more grateful for what they have.
  • Con – Literally every other couple makes you jealous. Any PDA will make you want to gag even if you’re the type of person to grab your other and go in for a full on make out sesh whilst your together. When other people do it it’s just bragging!
  • Pro – Communication, trust and other vital elements for a strong relationship are way more advanced early on. If a relationship is going to work you’ve got to have communication, trust, honesty and so many other things that can take a while longer to build up. In an LDR these just come naturally.
  • Con – It feels like time is against you. You’ll wait weeks, months or even years for a visit but when its finally time your visit seems to go by 3 times faster than a normal day. Plus half your visit is spent sleeping – why has no one created an anti-sleep solution yet?
  • Pro – You don’t have to worry about being ‘to clingy’. It’s totally acceptable to text your partner every 5 minutes and spend hours upon hours skyping or calling together. If anyone questions your obsession, you can just blame it on the distance. Once you are reunited, it’s expected that you’ll spend every second together so no one questions it.
  • Con – You’ll cry every time they have to leave again even if you have regular visits. For the first 2/3 months of this year I was seeing Haydn (my long distance boyfriend) every 11 days but without fail tears would stream down my face as myself or Haydn boarded the coach. We’ve done the goodbyes nearly 20 times now and it’s still heart breaking. No one ever told me it wouldn’t get easier and I didn’t even think about how that day would feel until the first time it happened.
  • Pro – You’re entire relationship is inspirational. People in normal relationships will tell you ‘they have no idea how you manage it’ or that they ‘could never deal with the distance’ and you’ll just smile and nod back feeling slightly superior.
  • Con – Trying to be mentally stable but knowing the emotions come in waves. One day I’ll wake up and feel completely fine, PDA bothers me less and I don’t even mind the fact that Haydn is 211 miles away. Other days I’m drowned by emotions, I feel lonely, want to cry and basically need a temporary break from life. But there is no pause button, you just have to go about your day in the hope that no one mentions your partner or else you might drown from your own tears.
  • Pro – You’ll ultimately never doubt their love for you. True that sometimes you need reassurance and confirmation but deep down you know that no person would put themselves through a long distance relationship unless they truly and utterly loved you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little read. I thought I’d throw in some cute pictures of Haydn and I because we’re making the distance work! If you’re in an LDR, comment a PRO and CON of your own below! Don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog for more!

Charliestar xoxo


Next seeing Haydn: 17 Days

Coasts concert: 21 Days

Catfish and the Bottlemen concert: 66 Days

Summer holidays: 72 Days

Scouting For Girls concert: 186 Days

46 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of a Long Distance Relationship

  1. I think you made some really good points for both the pros and cons. I think that the one I would say is the first pro you mention. You learn to appreciate the little things in all situations, a letter, communication, thoughtful messages, gestures, the trust, everything. You even appreciate the arguments because from there on, you both learn how to deal with them and the communication can grow stronger.

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  2. It was nice to hear that you find your LDR difficult sometimes too. So many people come across with the stereotypical “oh its tough but it makes us stronger” which isn’t something I want to hear when I am struggling to cope. Good to hear I’m not alone

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  3. I loved this and I totally relate with my relationship! The time being against you made me feel a little teary because it is totally how I feel. I actually feel more in love with him than I did before I came to university because I value him so much xx

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  4. Your boyfriend and you look so amazing in those pictures! I think this blogpost is very inspirational. I thought there would be only cons at having a long distance relationship. But now I see the bright sides of it too! xo

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      1. I actually used to look at it like that too. But I actually always wanted to have a boyfriend who lives somewhere else I think? Just in the same country but like 2/3 hours away from me? It might make the relationship more special and interesting because (as you said), you have to trust eachother and you have to keep the relationship interesting!

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