Birchbox First Impressions||May 2017

Hey Guys,

This months Birchbox is the first one I have ever received. It was actually purchased by my Mum however we are splitting the products. I figured that I’d share my thoughts on the products with you because I love reading other peoples.

As this is a shared box with my Mum I won’t get to use all of the products so I’ll just give my first impressions of each product and would I actually use them. Would this be a worthwhile product for you to invest in? Read on and find out!

Firstly, lets talk about the packaging. This month came in a marble print box with rose gold detailing and the slide out draw is pastel pink. I think this gives a clean, modern look which reflects the company positively. It was also nice to see that this was actually a draw as it means I can use it again, which I definitely will considering how cute it is!

Seeing as this was the first box I (well we) received a Benefit gift was included which came with a mini mascara, mini tinted primer and mini remover. I love my Benefit Roller lash mascara and so I’m quite likely to use the mascara and possibly the primer. I haven’t used a primer before so would be interested to see how this works on my lashes. However the remover is something I’m not so sure about as I usually just use micellar water to remove my makeup. I’m willing to try it but unless its ground breaking I’ll stick to the micellar water as it’s a lot cheaper.


Moving onto another mascara, the box also contained a Doucce Punk volumizer mascara in mini (full size RRP £18) seeing as the free Benefit extras came with a mascara this one wasn’t really needed too. I’d have preferred to get a better variety of products. I haven’t heard of this brand before so I have no idea what to expect. My mum has taken this product as I’m keeping the Benefit products. I like the black and red packaging as I think it looks quite classy however the brush seems enormous which is strange.  If this ends up being a must have product – in my Mums opinion – I’ll let you guys know!


Next, the full size product in this box is Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Fifty Shade. There were two colour options for this product Fifty shades or Vanilla frosting, I don’t think either shade is particularly wearable however I got Fifty shades. The RRP is £14.49 which is insane! I mean this is the full size product and its tiny! I don’t know why anyone would pay this much but each to their own when it comes to makeup… The product comes in a little tub with holes in so you can get the product out although to me it seems a little flawed as to get the product out you have to tip it upside down (with the lid on obviously) I just feel like this will cause a lot of waste to the product. Whilst it was nice to receive and eyeshadow pigment I would have much preferred one in a more wearable shade like a pretty gold or brown.


The final makeup product in the box is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. This is another mini product, with the full size RRP being £29. Seems like a high price for a primer but I would pay this for a really good foundation so I suppose it depends on the type of product you value. Anyway this seems like a really good sized mini and the packaging looks proper – as in not tacky or ‘mini like’ if that makes sense. My mum has called dibs on this product so I wont be using this but I think it would be wasted on me anyway as I rarely use primer so wouldn’t even consider buying the full size.


Within the box there was a body cream from Whish which is another brand I haven’t heard of but I’ve started to put a lot more effort into my skin care routine so I’m excited to try this. The full size product is sold for £27 but there do seem to be many benefits from using this product. It claims smooth out skin tone including marks and blemishes, which would be great, as I get quite bad acne on my back – especially when I’m stressed like right now as exams are in a few days! If this product truly does help to hide the blemishes on my back then I probably would consider purchasing the full size but we will have to see. Overall I think this was a good product to include for me personally!


The final product is a Beauty Protector Protect and Volume hair spray mini. Full size this would cost £18.50 I don’t use any products like this so cant say if this is a fair price or not. I’ve given this one to my mum as like I said I never use products like this as I usually just let my hair dry naturally! Although this does add a lot of variety too the box which I do think is a good thing, its just not my sort of product…


Overall the box came with a couple of products I’m excited to try like the Benefit mini collection and the body cream, I also know my mum is looking forward to the primer and she’ll probably try the mascara too but as for the hair spray and the eyeshadow these probably won’t be used. For £10 (not including postage), this seems like a good amount of treats however the benefits were an extra for new joiners so really only 3/5 of the products were good. This is still over half though and between me and my mum we’ll get some good usage out of them however had it just been for me I think I’d have been a little disappointed to be honest. I do feel like the box design itself is the best part about this months but this could all change once I start to use the products.


Do you have a Birchbox subscription, what did you think? If you don’t then how would you have felt about receiving these products? Let me know below! I’m going to do a giveaway when my blog reaches 250 followers so please help me by giving this blog a follow if you haven’t already.


Charliestar xoxo


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18 thoughts on “Birchbox First Impressions||May 2017

  1. I am subscribed to Glossybox. I have seen loads of pictures online of Birchbox and I feel like I am going to end up subscribing to Birchbox aswell! it looks so good! Great blog post! – ❤


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