Quick & Easy Skin Care || Evening Routine

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? This week has been super stressful at it is my first Alevel exam so I’ve been revising like a crazy person. Seeing as I have been so stressed over my exam I’ve had my usual spot break outs. I thought I’d sit down and tell you my skin care routine for when I’ve had a break out.

Typically, I don’t wear full makeup on school days, it’s unlikely that I’ll be up early enough to do makeup so I usually opt for the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. (If you want more on that let me know below!) This means that by the end of the day all I need is a little bit of Garnier Micellar water to get the makeup off. I use little cotton pads and a few dabs of micellar water to remove the makeup from my face.

Next up is the real body of my skin care routine, and the part I do if I have had a breakout. I use the Cinique 3 Steps Anti-Blemish solutions. I know these are a little pricey but you can get all 3 as a set of minis for £25 and they last ages! The set consists of a foam wash, a clarifying lotion and an all over clearing treatment. I choose these over other drugstore products because they show next day results and always work.


I first wet my face with warm water using a muslin cloth, then using the cleansing foam I pump twice onto my finger tips and rub it into my skin. I massage in small circles on my cheeks and forehead until my face is covered with the foam. Then taking my muslin cloth again I run it under warm water and use it to rinse of the foam. Once my face is cleared I dry it on a towel.


Next, I use the clarifying lotion to exfoliate my skin. This doesn’t work like a scrub its more of an acidic feel so if you don’t like that sensation on your skin best to avoid this one. Using a cotton pad I put some of the lotion onto it, you only need about 2/3 drops, and rub all over my face avoiding the eye area. I also suffer from acne on my back and have found this to be quite effective in clearing that up as well.


Finally, once I’ve let the lotion sink in and my face is mostly dry I take one drop of the all over clearing treatment and rub it into my skin. I massage in small circles until it’s nicely blended. This step leaves your skin feeling super moisturised and soft to touch. Although, I wouldn’t use it in the more as it leaves the skin looking a little greasy.


THAT’S IT! That is my super quick and easy evening skin care routine! If you are interested in getting the Clinque products you can click here! Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed this post! What products do you use? Leave me a comment!

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Charliestar xoxo



24 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Skin Care || Evening Routine

  1. I have acne, just overall terrible skin. I get into a good routine and stick to it, then bam one bit of stress and back to the begining ☹️ good luck with your A levels!

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  2. This is so quick and simple! I always opt for a quick evening routine because I am just too tired to use 150 products just for my face and then 200 on my body. Maybe as I get older I’ll start using more. Having a routine is so good as well! Especially during breaking out time, before it gets any worse. Nice post!

    Julia xx

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