Long Distance Relationships || My advice (no.1)

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? If you’re new to my blog, then you might not know that I am in a long distance relationship! In this post, I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my long distance related advice – although this advice might be useful for all couples.

Like any relationship, long distance relationships can be hard. I’ve thought about the 5 things that I think are most helpful:

  1. You’ll hear it from everyone but COMMUNICATION; this doesn’t just mean talking about a TV series, but deep heart to heart conversations. Being open can really help, if somethings bothering you telling your partner is really the best way forward. They might not have a solution but if they know how you’re feeling you’ll feel more connected and in sync with each other. Building a trusting relationship with someone you can depend on is key and if you’re to depend on someone you need to be open to telling them things.
  2. Have a regular routine of when you’ll be able to talk. Knowing when you’ll have the chance to chat is important because you need time to communicate (for reasons stated above) and to just be together. If you’re not sure how to make virtual time together interesting try watching a movie together or playing multiplayer games (I recommend the app QuizUp, as it let’s your bring out your competitive side). In a long distance relationship there’s no doubt that you’ll miss your partner so doing things together will help you feel much closer.
  3. Use a countdown app! Even if you’re not 100% sure on the next time you’ll see each other put a rough date into a countdown app so you can see how long it is until your reunited. This is a positive way to past the time when you’re apart, rather than moping around the house in your sweats. Planning time together is one of the most exciting parts of an LDR, dedicate some time to talking about when you’ll next see each other or when your first meeting will be. (Click here to read about the first time I met my boyfriend in real life)
  4. Be present in each others lives. This sounds silly but what I mean is talk about what you’re doing and listen to their stories with a real interest. Learn their likes and dislikes so even when you are apart you know how their day is going and what their up to. Although this isn’t permission to be a total social networking stalker to hunt their every move. Just be curious about things wider than your relationship together.
  5. Finally but still importantly, live your own life too. Of course you need to make time for your boyfriend/girlfriend but don’t detach yourself from the world around you. Not every second of every day needs to be spent texting/calling your partner in order to keep the relationship strong. You need you time too! Do things you enjoy, stay social with family and friends, try new hobbies. If it’s meant to be your other will still be there at the end of the day.

I hope you found that advice useful. Leave me a comment below telling me your own top relationship advice! Also feel free to message me on Instagram if you would like some personal relationship advice, you can use my @charliestarblogs account or my long distance couple account @211_miles.

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Charliestar xoxo

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36 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships || My advice (no.1)

  1. I love the countdown app I use, it allows for changes in units of measure so i can count days, hours, even how many heartbeats till we are together!💓💓💓 And as soon as he texts me on his first break at work today Im gonna mention QuizUp cuz that sounds like fun!!

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  2. I’ve also been in a LDR and to me the most important thing is to have a goal together. If you don’t see the future in the same way, there’s no need to keep going. x

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  3. Me and my boyfriend were in a long distance relationship for 2 and half years. I then moved 180 miles to live with his family and we’ve been so happy since. We’re coming up to a year of living together in July. I hated when people would say “well you’re not really in a relationship are you” well, yes we are or “how do you know he isn’t cheating” that really got on my nerves. I’ve actually found that we argue so much less now because we can actually hear how each other means what we’re saying rather than reading it on text and taking it the wrong way. Everything you’ve said in this post is so true. I’d also say having someone who isn’t your partner to also talk to about it really helps. It’s good to talk to someone going through the same thing and can relate to what you’re saying.

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    1. Awww what a cute story! Haydn and I are planning to close the 211 miles of distance next July which is very exciting xxx I’ve heard all the annoying long distance Question too!!!


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