One Lovely Blog Award

Hey Guys,

Just another cheeky little upload from me today! The very lovely LaurenEllen nominated me for the One Lovely Blogger Award and seeing as I think these awards are such a cool feature of the blogging community I thought I’d join in. Make sure you check out Lauren’s blog as she does some great posts and is soo close to 1K followers!

If you’re not sure what these awards are they are just for fun but are a good way of giving recognition to the blogs you like to read. Each award is slightly different but generally you get nominated and then to take part you just follow the rule specific to that particular award!

The rules for this award are:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you
  • Give 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5 more blogs for the award and let them know they’ve been nominated

Here are my 7 facts (it was hard to think of 7 that are interesting):

  1. I’m 17 years old but unlike most people my age I’m not really interested in getting drunk at house parties or sneaking into clubs. I’m more of a sit in bed on my laptop kinda girl.
  2. Despite the fact that I’m pretty lazy I’m a natural at most sports. I can figure skate a little, ski well, I use to dance and horse ride and I was a good sprinter and hurdler when I was in Year 9 – Year 11. However, now I don’t really do any of that, but I wouldn’t turn down ice skating if someone offered.
  3. My birthday is the 4th of February 2000 – which I think is cool because my age is the same as the year…
  4. I’m in a long distance relationship – I know everyone already knows this but I think it’s quite unusual for my age.
  5. I’ve never been good at spelling but for some reason I thought taking and English Language Alevel was a smart idea – So far it hasn’t been.
  6. I’m an honest person and am not afraid to share my opinion of something, although I try and do it positively if that makes sense.
  7. I have two middle names: Louise Megan. This happened because my parent’s couldn’t agree on a first name so they both put their favourites in the middle and came up with a new one (Charlotte) for my first. Making my full name Charlotte Louise Megan Parker. Promise I’m not a posh girl though.

Bet you’ve learnt something new there!

My nominations:

GIVEAWAY: I will be hosting a small giveaway here on my blog going live Tuesday! I have reached over 250 followers which was my goal for the year! If you already follow me then Thank You! If you’re not following then please hit that button at the bottom and become apart of the family!

Charliestar xoxo

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