Brush Cleaning Routine || Silicon Egg Scrubber

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Just a quick post from me today as I haven’t had a lot of time to write this week! I thought today I would take the opportunity to tell you about my new brush cleansing routine.

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The only thing I use is the Brush cleaning silicon mold from Avon. This little egg finger cleaner costs £5 but is often on offer, although they are widely available on Amazon as well. The products been quite hyped up around the internet and I’ve seen it everywhere so obviously I wanted to give it a go!

I like the design a lot as it can be held on your fingers making it really easy to use and also easy to store as it’s quite small. There are also a lot of colour options so you can get creative with it if you wanted too.

What I do:

I like to fill my sink with some warm water and then use that to dip the dirty brushes into, this starts to losen the product. I then just start scrubbing against the silicon mold – I’ve found up and down motions work best as well as holding the egg at an angle. (I would have included a picture but this is a two hand job). Holding the tool at an angle means that the dirty water can just roll off into the sink (which I have empty). I continue to wet my brush and apply some hand soap as needed until the water that comes back of the brush is clean.

If you want to get proper fancy you can let the brush dry of a little and then go back for a second clean as this will remove more stains from the bristles. Personally, I don’t bother doing it a second time because I just want clean brushes not super clean brushes! Also with this tool it’s really easy to do regular cleans.

I’ve used this egg cleaner a couple of times now and I really do think it works well. It’s also a lot cheaper than the traditional board style cleaners.

Sorry it’s just a quick one today, Haydn is back in Bournemouth so we’ve been enjoying some time together.



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