How to get more follower’s || Tips & Advice

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? The past three weeks have been crazy I’ve gone from under 100 followers to nearly 350 followers! If you are one of my new followers Hi!! I’m super excited you’ve joined me! Seeing as I’ve been busy enjoying some time with my boyfriend I thought I’d keep today’s post short and sweet! I figured this would be a good post to share as a lot of you have been asking on advice for increasing your followers.

Before I get into the post I just wanted to remind you that I currently have my giveaway open! I’m celebrating hitting 250 followers so if you’d like to enter go to this POST!

Okay let’s get into this:

  1. Regular upload schedule! If you’ve just started blogging it’s so tempting to just blow out new content every day because you have so many ideas, but it’ll be much more effective to hold back. I like to write all my ideas out and then pick which one I want to write about for each post. A schedule is also great as people will see your content and you’ll become more of a regular rather than someone who uploads just once a month. I try to blog 3 times a week although I’ve been doing a bit more recently. Your schedule needs to be realistic to you. Make sure you have enough time to write quality content and interact with other bloggers.
  2. Interaction techniques. Don’t be someone who just spam comments ‘nice post’ on every post you come across. Firstly, this is obviously spam and people are unlikely to actually interact back. Secondly, this might not be reaching your target audience meaning you might get some spam likes back on your posts but people won’t actually be reading them. I say to look under the tags that you use and read posts that actually interest you and then comment something relevant. Don’t just comment for followers – be genuine and you’ll get genuine followers back!
  3. Use the right tags. Try not to do more than 10 tags on one post as it can be seen as spam and won’t be featured on WordPress reader. Tags should be general but well suited. For example if your reviewing a L’Oreal red lipstick tags should be something like; Lipstick, L’Oreal, Drugstore, Makeup and Beauty. The right tags will get you seen and by bloggers who are interested in your content, a more general tag like ‘red’ would be pretty useless in getting your content to the right audience. If you’re not using tags at all, do it! They work like a hashtag does on Instagram however its for Reader (WordPress news feed)
  4. Don’t be to competitive. When I first started I was looking at other bloggers who had 500+ followers but had been going for the same length of time as me. Obviously this is disheartening… But just worry about what you’re doing. Now that I’ve stopped comparing myself to others I feel much happier when I’m blogging. A happier blogger leads to a happier community.
  5. Be realistic. Of course there will always be that one blogger that gets popular quickly but it’s super unlikely. Set a realistic target that you can actively make happen. For example, I aim to get about 500 views a week which works out at just over 70 views a day. Of course on days I don’t upload I’ll get less and on days I do upload I’ll get more allowing it to balance out. Although if you’re active on reader and are interacting with other bloggers its likely you’ll see this number sky rocket! (Over the past 3 weeks where I’ve been using these tips I’ve had over 1000 views a week!)
  6. Blog because you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy writing or it feels like a chore then don’t do it. You’ll only ever feel disappointed with what you achieve. I blog because it’s something I am passionate about if my post does well then it’s a bonus but if not then I still had fun writing it so it doesn’t matter to much! In all honestly, some of my favourite to write posts haven’t even ended up being that popular.
  7. Know what you want and make it what your audience want. If like me you’re a little bit of a variety blogger (I do lifestyle, beauty and relationships) then chances are your viewers will only be interested in one style of posts. If you’re writing about a topic it needs to be something that your audience is interested in but also something you are interested in. If you’re not interested it’ll show in your writing.

There are my 7 tips for you! Please share yours in the comments below – I’m still learning myself so it’d be super helpful!

Thanks for reading, hopefully this was helpful. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway HERE! (closes on the 6th June)


36 thoughts on “How to get more follower’s || Tips & Advice

  1. 1k views a week?!?! I get that in a month, and I have to say, the last weeks I have only posted 2 posts a week. Maybe that’s it? I get ‘only’ 1k a month lol, but I do have almost 700 followers. Thank you for the tips tho. You became one of my favorite bloggers in the last weeks! xo

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  2. Great tips, really enjoyed reading these! I seem to have gained quite a lot of followers within the past week or so. I really enjoy reading other peoples blog under the ‘beauty’ tag, and commenting on theirs has really helped! Thanks for the tips xo


  3. Fantastic advice! I totally agree about tags, you really need to be careful to use the right ones otherwise it is a total waste really! Also, CONGRATS are in order! Your hard work is really shining through, you’re the best xxx

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  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been wondering which direction to go & what all I should be doing! You are doing an amazing job on your blogs & I absolutely love reading them! 💕

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  5. Good advice! I used to be so obsessed with checking my stats for new followers, but one day I realized that it was making me focus on the numbers instead of the content. I don’t look at my daily stats any more, and I even removed the wordpress widget from my phone. It made such a difference in my attitude towards blogging!

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  6. Congrats! Also, nice tips – I know I am not the most interactive blogger (I try, but there are only so many hours in the day!) and I definitely notice numbers fluctuating in response to how much effort I put into that. But above all, we gotta have fun blogging, right? 🙂

    BTW I nominated you for a Liebster. No worries if you don’t do tags, just sharing the love!

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  7. Thanks for the advice. I’ve wanted to start a beauty blog for years and years and always put it off that I was too late in the game and I’d never be able to catch up with the other beauty bloggers. Then recently I said, screw it! I don’t care if I don’t catch up, I just want to blog. Your tips are helpful for me to start growing my new blog. Thanks!

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  9. Just read this by following a link. Great tips thanks. I need to organise a proper schedule, but am restricted by toddler time! The best you u came across recently was to make sure that all post appear as excerpts on my home page so thst people don’t have to scroll all the way through a post to reach the next one. I’m sure you already know this though!


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