New Makeup|| May 2017

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? May has gone by so quickly! In fact this entire year is flying away from me. I was going to do the classic monthly favourites post but instead I thought I would share with you the new drugstore makeup I’ve been buying the month!

Before I get into the post I just wanted to remind you that I currently have my giveaway open! I’m celebrating hitting 250 followers so if you’d like to enter go to this POST!


I feel like I’ve been good this month in not buying to much new makeup but of course there are a few bits that I’ve picked up!

The Miss Baby Roll mascara by L’Oreal was super hyped about online especially by YouTuber Soph-Does-Nails so of course I had to try this on out for myself! I’ve already got a review up on my blog so if you’re interested in reading that then click HERE! Keeping to the YouTube hyped up trend another favourite vlogger of mine Sophie Louise always talks about the Soap & Glory makeup range so I thought I’d try out the Supercat Eyeliner pen which cost me £6. The third item that I’d heard about on YouTube (I can’t remember who from maybe Zoella?) is the match perfection Rimell foundation. I was running out of my Maybelline Stay matte foundation so thought I’d take a risk and try something new, this foundation cost me £7.99 in Superdrug.

Seeing as May was the first warmer month (although honestly it was still cold here in the UK) I wanted to opt for some warmer toned liquid lipsticks. Therefore, I thought the NYX Matte Lip cream in shade Zurich £6 and the Maybelline lip paint in Stripped Down £4,99 were the perfect new shades too add to my collection. I currently have a giveaway live in which you could get your hands on one of these Maybelline lip paints! Just click this LINK and comment on that post!

Finally in the makeup section of this post I picked up two new Real Technique makeup brushes. They were buy one get one free in Superdrug! I had to make the most of that amazing deal the two brushes cost me just £10.99. I picked up the powder brush as I currently use a pretty cheap one and an expert face brush as I use this everyday so wanted to change it for a fresh new one.


Just as an added extra I’ve also been getting some foundation samples from high end brands. I’ve wanted to try a high-end foundation for a while now so thought testing some samples would be a good way of deciding! I’ve got the Benefite Hello Oxygen WOW flawless foundation, Bobbi Brown long-wear even finish foundation (SPF 15) and the Estee Lauder double wear light foundation.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little beauty haul! I’ve also go a clothing haul coming up in the next week or so. It would be a part of this I’m writing this in Leeds at my boyfriends and a lot of my clothes are at home in Bournemouth. (Long distance relationship struggles) What foundation do you use? Also what new makeup have you been buying this month? Let me know below




25 thoughts on “New Makeup|| May 2017

  1. Those two liquid lipsticks shades look amazing!
    Also, i love the real techniques brushes, i got four of them in a set and they all work really great. i recently purchased the maybelline fit me foundation, i’m a little late i know haha but i can’t wait to try it after hearing amazing things about it! xx

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  2. The real technique brushes are so awesome! I used to use them and I just loved them!!! Also, since you asked the foundation I use is Estée Lauder double wear! I might have the name wrong abbot but it’s definitely that brand 💁

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      1. Same here but since I have a few blemishes I use that one. Thankfully i don’t have too many so it makes it easier for me to just put a tiny dab and put on a very light layer. It’s done wonders for me! Hope you like it

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  3. I absolutely love the Estée Lauder double wear foundation! I’m going to be creating a post dedicated to that. But for now why don’t you check out my first ever post on my new blog? I love the real techniques brushes they are all I use, although I want to venture out a little bit and try brands such as sigma and morphe brushes🌸


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