Clothing haul || High-street stores

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Seeing as summer is just around the corner (or at least in theory it is) I’ve been buying some new summer clothes to add to my wardrobe. I would no way class myself as high fashion, I usually opt for more comfy/cute/easy style – if you can call it a style. If you want to see the new clothes I’ve been buying then just keep reading!

Let’s start with my ultimate favourite! This gorgeous crop top from Mrs Selfridge. This was purchased for me by my mum and cost £28. I think this is so pretty and very out of my comfort zone. I usually wouldn’t wear something this low cut but the pattern just caught me and I couldn’t resist. 18836293_1756860674340399_1260857683_o.jpgThis top is just so cute and as soon as I saw it I was in love! Everything about it is so gorgeous. Despite being self conscious about my boob size, I feel confident wearing this top out and about.

As I do every month I had to make my way into New Look to see what caught my eye. I picked up a few bits (some of which I forgot to photograph properly) that are all easy to wear and perfect for the warmer months.

The first off the shoulder white floral top is actually from the kids range, but an age 15 is roughly the same as a size 6/8 women. I like this one because it just looks cute with jeans or shorts making it easy to wear, I think it was fairly priced at £12.99. The next off the shoulder top cost £11.99 and is much more of a jersey material, I think is a nice spin on a basic top. I especially liked the flower cut out hem around the bottom of the top as I think it makes it quite pretty. The sandles are just so cute how could I not grab a pair! Annoying size 6 was a little too small meaning I had to pick up a size 7 which are a little bit to big, I don’t mind though as they’re really sweet and look good with anything! For only £16.99 I think these cute day heels are a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

If you live in the UK then one of your favourite shops is probably Primark! Like every other basic UK girl I love it, so there was no way I wasn’t going to drag Haydn around the shop for a good 45 minutes before walking out with just one top and a pair of slippers.18869835_1756860711007062_1067924987_o
This turquoise layered top is the only piece of clothing I walked out with! For £8 it was a bit of a steal honestly. I wanted a top that was a little bit extra but not overly formal to wear to dinner other events wear a little more than a TShirt is needed. Annoyingly I didn’t photograph my slippers before leaving them in Leeds at Haydn’s so I can’t include them.

Have you been loving the cropped hoodie trend? Well I haven’t really tried it out over spring as I really feel the cold so badly but now it’s summer I’m ready to embrace it. 18789879_1756860651007068_1905962812_o
I picked up this pink one from H&M for £12.99. I HAVE BEEN LOVING IT! The only down side is that I have to put a crop top underneath and sometimes this gets cold. I just need England to warm up and the it’ll be perfect.

The last thing I picked up is very very different from everything I own. I went into Dorothy Perkins and thought I’d try to rock these. 18817628_1756860677673732_1392565436_o.jpg
What do you think? I love them and they’re so comfy! I can’t find them on the website anymore so I’m not sure on the exact price but I think they were around £24. Other people are truly rocking this look so I want to be involved with it too.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little insight into some of my new purchases. Let me know which one was your favourite! Do you like the tropical trousers?


Special Credit to my photographer Haydn for helping me out with the photos on this one!

32 thoughts on “Clothing haul || High-street stores

  1. I love your OOTD; so creative!
    Great entry! I just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m completely taken in. I love your posts, and I’ll be following to keep up with your future content! I think it would be great to keep in touch and assist each other in our journeys with blogging. Blogging buddies?
    Stop by sometime!
    Mena ✨

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  2. Oh my gosh I love these clothes. Especially those shoes they are so cute! I have two pairs similar to those pants but usually I get teased about them being pyjama pants so I don’t wear them that often but I love them!

    Liked by 3 people

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