ELF Makeup || UK New Launch

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m actually so excited about this post! Recently, the UK got its first direct source of ELF makeup! Superdrug now stocks this formerly American only brand in store and online. Whilst it’s not in every store yet I was able to get a few products from my local store, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you!

First impressions:
I’m not sure what it is about ELF packaging but I love it! It’s so simplistic and modern – definitely appealing to me. It helps a lot that the stands in the drugstore look all shiney and new. Overall the only way I can think to describe the design is sleek. I picked up a Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade Blushing Brown, a Nude Rose Gold palette and a baked highlighter in Moonlight Pearls. I decide on these three products as they cover my three favourite categories of makeup. The lipstick is actually a darker shade then the one I had seen on the tester but that is most likely my fault for not double checking, I do still like the colour of this shade but it’s not usually one that suits me. The palette is also a step out of my comfort zone as I opt for nude shades normally but after seeing some pretty rose gold looks on Instagram I was super inspired to try it out myself. Thirdly, the highlight was a no brainer because I’m loving this glowing trend lately!


Using the products:
Nude Rose Gold eyeshadow palette: I picked this palette up for £12.50 which for drugstore, I think, is a little expensive. I mean, it’s not really but when I think my favourite drugstore palette (I heart Makeup Naked chocolate) cost me £7.99 and is a lot bigger I couldn’t help but get my hopes up for this palette. Spoilers – it didn’t live up to my expectations. The colours go on okay but they’re not particularly pigmented and I found myself trying to build up the shades a lot. The sparkly/shimmer finishes are a little more pigmented than the matte shades which is a pro for me as I usually prefer the shimmery eye looks. As well as nice shimmer shades, there wasn’t much fall out from the product meaning that there was no mess to clean up after. The colours are unique to me and so the money was well spent as there are some nice shades to add to my collection. On the other hand, if you already own a palette with shades similar or the same as I don’t see much benefit in purchasing this one.

Moonlight Pearl highlighter: This cute little highlighter cost £5. It looks like a standard highlight colour but I thought it might have some gold reflects in it which would have been a nice touch. Unfortunately it didn’t. In fact there isn’t anything special or exciting about this product. The texture is very rough and when I first tried to apply it there felt like there was a film of some sort over the product. Once I had dug down through that and was actually picking up some of the powder it worked a little better. No where near up to scratch with my Lottie London Shimmer Squad palette which is disappointing. Part of me thinks that I just don’t like this colour as its quite white looking. It does make a good nose and cupids bow highlight but for cheek bones it’s a no from me. For £5 I shouldn’t moan to much but I’m still upset that this one didn’t work out for me as I really do like the packaging and name of this little guy.

Blushing Brown velvet matte lipstick: I’ve saved the best till last of course! This lipstick was just £4.50 and I’ll straight away tell you it’s worth it. The colour is an unusual choice for me but for some reason I’m liking it a lot! I’ve been trying to step a little more out of  my comfort zone with makeup lately and this is definitely one of those products. The formula is so creamy and easy to work with, it doesn’t feel at all sticky or drying to wear which most of my other matte lip products do. I’m genuinely so impressed with how well this product has worked out for me! 100% recommend these to you if you love a good matte lipstick. The only downside is that because this is a new brand to launch in the UK there aren’t many colour options just yet. As with any cheap lipstick the colour does fade after about 4 hours (I had eaten and drunk water in this time) and therefore it will need to be reapplied but that really isn’t and issue for me.


I feel like I’ve mostly explained the pigmentation and what not in the previous section. Instead of repeating my words I’ll just drop some pictures in. For the eyeshadow palette I’ve included an image with flash and without flash.

Overall opinion:
The packaging of all the products looks high quality and modern. The eyeshadow palette is a bit meh, there’s nothing great about i and it does the job – I just have had better quality working with some even cheaper product. Moonlight pearls highlight is a no. I need something that’s going to make my face sparkle, if I’m going to embrace the 2017 highlight craze then I’m going all in and using something that is blinding. Finally the lipstick is incredible! I honestly can’t rate it enough.

Thanks for reading! I hope this gave you some useful information on the new ELF UK launch. Leave me a comment telling me your favourite ELF products or other cheap drugstore products that you love!


27 thoughts on “ELF Makeup || UK New Launch

  1. I’m obsessed with ELF, I’m so glad the UK now has them! That’s odd that the palette cost so much, in America it’s only a few bucks. Maybe it’s more expensive because it’s in the UK. Any who, the lipstick and highlighter look gorgeous, sorry to hear the palette didn’t work!

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  2. Elf is amazing!! I used to wear the foundation from the Sephora collection until I started seeing a lot of good things being said about elf so I decided to try it. Best decision I’ve ever made. If you have it at a store near you, I recommend you try it. 😀

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    1. I was disappointed too! If you love the colours and don’t have any like them then it’s still worthwhile picking up, especially if you have the MAC fix plus spray that would probably intensify the colour. lol I don’t own the spray though. 🙈😂


  3. I have owned some ELF products in the past which have been okay, but I’ve been dubious about their products since. I’ve read a few reviews like yours now where the products didn’t quite live up to the expectations. Plus I’ve swatched some products in store and thought they were a bit ‘meh’. I agree with you that the prices seem a bit much considering what we can get for our money with other brands. I might try out the lipsticks though from your review 🙂

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      1. I’m glad I’ve read a few reviews before parting with my cash! I’ll definitely keep the lipsticks in mind though, thanks 🙂

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