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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? This week is dragging by so slowly! Other than everyday life I really don’t have anything going on. I thought that in today’s post I’d share with you some of the gift ideas Haydn and I have done for each other over the course of our relationship. We are a long distance couple so if you are too then some of these ideas will be great for you, of course if you’re not then don’t worry as these ideas are still suitable for you. I hope you find one you like!

  1. Personalised Playing Cards:
    For mine and Haydn’s 6 month anniversary I decided to make him a special pack of playing cards. I got a very simple pack of playing cards from Flying Tiger – I needed ones that didn’t have branding or images on the back and these one’s didn’t. I wrote out 52 things about us they were either things I love about Haydn, memories or ‘us things’. Using a computer I wrote up all of these little thing into rectangle boxes which I could then print out and stick onto the back of the cards. If you are a long distance couple you could send these in an envelope as they are flat so won’t cost as much to send as a parcel, plus the personal touch is really nice.

    Playing Cards

  2. Gifts with thought: 
    Honestly, I have no idea what to call this one so just read through and hopefully it makes sense. My favourite animal is a sea turtle – they’re so fricking adorable Seeing as these are an endangered species there are a lot of companies that sell items with some of the money going towards helping save turtles. Haydn got me the cutest hand carved wooden turtle key-ring and a turtle bracelet from Devocean which meant some of the money went towards saving sea turtles. I think this is such a lovely gift as not only did it make me happy to have the cute items but I was so pleased some of the money went towards helping the little guys. Another cool thing to add quickly is that the wooden turtle key-ring represents a real sea turtle that has been saved!
  3. Message in a bottle:
    The company Send Nod create tiny little message in a bottle gifts that can be posted to loved ones. They fit through a letter box and are just £3 with free UK delivery.  I received one of these from Haydn as a spontaneous gift and I was over the moon! You pick the message that goes inside the bottle and you can even have an extra message added to the packaging at no extra cost. The bottles are the same size as a 1p coin but they have such a big impact. I’m sure anyone would be happy to receive this gift.
  4. Concert tickets:
    This one probably sounds a bit cliche but for long distance couples it actually means so much more. Buying concert tickets for a future event means you’ve got another visit planned, which means a lot and gives you something extra extra special to look forward too.
    Concert Tickets
  5. Custom pillow:
    Not on the high street is a great place to get personalised gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend. Haydn and I have used them a lot for different gifts but one of the first ones I ever brought for him was a custom pillow. It felt a little weird for me to buy Haydn a bear (plus he’d already given me one) but I still wanted to give him something he could get cosy with but also something that would look nice in his room. That’s why I picked a ‘I love you to the moon and back pillow’ that had our initials on the bottom of it. If you follow our LDR Instagram you might have noticed that my name has a star next to it and Haydn’s has a moon by it – well there’s actually a very specific reason for that. But anyway this pillow also had both a star and a moon on it so it work very well for us. Here’s a link in case you wanted to check it out, the seller I got it from ‘Precious Little Plum’ has a lot of super cute pillow designs you could purchase.
  6. Extra cute cards:
    Keeping on the theme of cute Not on the high street has the most amazing selection of cute cards for all kinds of occasions. Haydn has gotten me a few for specific occasions or just as a cute gift. I think something simple like a card with a thoughtful message inside makes a great gift especially for a long distance couple. Getting home and seeing that I have mail from Haydn makes my heart flip! If you wanted to take a look at some of the cute cards click here!
  7. LDR bracelets:
    I feel like this is by far the most basic thing on the list but they’re a really good idea! Haydn and I ordered LDR bracelets so that we could feel more connected when we are apart. Truthfully, we don’t wear them often but if were feeling down or the distance feels like a lot then we’ll put them on. Even when we’re not wearing them they are a nice reminder of each other. We chose the lava rock and Howlite pack from this seller  on Amazon but there are loads of varieties so you can pick your favourite.
  8. Special Bears:
    I love this idea! Last October me and Haydn made our own build-a-bear named Bill. If you get the opportunity to do this for your girlfriend or maybe even your boyfriend 100% do it! I was super nervous about looking dumb in the store but the staff aren’t patronising at all and it was actually really cute to pick out a bear, stuff it and then pop the hearts inside. We even picked out a beating heart to go into our bear which is so great to have a good cuddle with. If you wanted to get them a bear but won’t be able to get one from build-a-bear you should definitely take a look at Cuddle Buddy. These are super cute bears that can have your picture on their tummy’s, a voice recording and some cute initials or numbers on their feet. I think the cuddle buddy bears are so fricking adorable! 
  9. Open When Letter:
    This was the idea that I used for Haydn’s Christmas present last year. I’m sure you’ve heard of this idea before but I do think it’s a great idea. I used these TEMPLATES and create letters that linked to the topic. I even created little gifts to go in each letter so that Haydn will have a letter and a cute paper gift in each letter. These work well as like the playing cards they are flat and can be posted to your LDR boyfriend/girlfriend if you are unable to give them to each other in person.
    Open When Letters

I hope you guys found this useful! Have you done any of these before? What are your thoughtful gift ideas? Let me know in the comments!


21 thoughts on “Thoughtful Boyfriend/Girlfriend Gift Idea || LDR

          1. I think it must be a girl thing! He still likes to talk about it, and he does update it with me when we do add in new things too it, but he claims he isn’t creative enough! xo

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  1. I love the playing cards idea and the open when letters! I have seen a few similar things on Pinterest before and I think they are perfect little ideas when you want to show someone how much you love them and it doesn’t require much money! Thoughtful gifts are nearly always the best! xxx

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  2. Love all the ideas. I will definitely try to make the personalised playing cards as soon as this weekend. The open when letter with a cute card inside is another great idea. Thank you very much for sharing them.

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