No Post Today || Explanation

Hey Guys,

So this is a weird post to be typing, but I didn’t want to leave you all in the dark. If you follow my Instagram @charliestar blogs this morning you will have seen that a posted a story letting you guys know that I wouldn’t be uploading a full post today.

Truth is this week is just not my week. I’m not in the mood to write and don’t want to force myself to produce content that I don’t 100% love. Right now the stresses of 6th form, work and balancing a healthy relationship with Haydn are becoming a bit to much to handle all at once.

This afternoon things have gotten slightly easier and some of my issues are beginning to be resolved. For this reason I still plan to have a post up for you all on Thursday. I’m sure you guys understand but I still just wanted to drop in and explain myself.

See you on Thursday.


8 thoughts on “No Post Today || Explanation

  1. Take your time girl, if you don’t feel well, you shouldn’t post anything. Only post things that you stand behind for 100%. Can’t wait to see a new post on Thursday, but if that also doesn’t work out for you, we’ll be waiting for another time! xo

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