Think Pink Bath Bomb || Lush 2017 New Release (plus some exciting news)

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m such a fan of Lush bath bombs so when I popped into my local store – which is way to much of a regular occurrence – I noticed that the classic Think Pink bath bomb had gotten a a bit intense makeover. I’d used the old edition of Think Pink but I’d never really considered it to be one of my favourite’s so now that it’s had it’s makeover I decided it was time to retry it out. Seeing as I was trying this out for the first time I thought I’d share my opinion here on my blog.

Lets’s get into this!

First Impressions: 

Old Think Pink Bath Bomb (Left) New Think Pink Bath Bomb (Right)

I’m so annoyed with myself for taking the picture in such poor lighting conditions but hopefully your able to see just how much the design has changed from the original bath bomb. As well as ditching the flowers and adding some 3D stripes the 2017 design of Think Pink has pretty much doubled in size. This size change has also meant that the price of the bath bomb has also increased from £2.65 up to £4.25! This is pretty much the price point of all Lush’s medium bath bombs so I’m not upset about this price, although I am upset that there isn’t another mini taking it’s place as sometimes it’s nice to pick up the smaller bombs. Ickle Baby Bot (£1.95) is currently the only mini available meaning that if you do want a colourful bomb you’ll have to spend that little bit more.

As far as I’m aware (or so the Lush lady told me) the smell of the bath bomb hasn’t changed, it’s just stronger now the product is bigger. I don’t love this scent but I really want to. It’s vanilla with some Tonka and Neroli Oil which makes this quite sweet but not candy like. I almost thought this had quite a fruity yet earthy smell to it. I don’t think it’s a bad smell and it’s one most people are likely to enjoy which is why I’m not surprised Lush kept it around.

The very last first impression of this bomb is a bit of a negative for me unfortunatley… There’s SO much glitter. Don’t get me wrong I love a little bit of glitter – my favourite bomb is Twilight and so glitter helps make that starry sky effect – but if there’s as much inside as there is on the outside it could get messy. My mum (who is likely reading this – HI!) isn’t a fan of the glitter as it usually ends up stuck to the bottom of the bath and as for me I just don’t love the glittery skin kind of look.


Using the product:

I decided not to film this bath bomb as I thought it would be all pink and samesy given the name – I was right. Sometimes the inside of Lush bath bombs is a different colour making it like a surprise when you drop it in the water, not this one. Instead of ‘Think Pink’ I’d have called it ‘Just Pink’. You can probably tell where I’m going with this. I’m not saying the pink was bad it was just nothing special, online I’ve seen pictures of it being pink and white swirled in the water but mine just didn’t do that.  Maybe I’m being a little harsh it did sort of create that white and pink marbled effect.


The product took a few minutes to dissolve, seeing as it’s the same size as the other bombs in the range this wasn’t surprising. Once it had fully dissolved the water wasn’t very opaque which is how I like it. The dye was just a touch too weak especially as I had had a shallow bath too.

As I had predicted there was a lot of glitter! It even made little ribbons of wave designs across the bottom of my bath once I had emptied it. If you love glitter then you’re going to LOVE this.

Anything to add:

The bath bomb was disappointing in terms of lasting effect. It was neither mosturising or strongly scented. The smell didn’t last on my skin past towel drying and I still had to moisturise that evening. One thing that did last was the glitter, my shoulders and chest were very sparkly that evening and the next morning.

Overall opinion:

Even though I’ve bashed this bath bomb quite a bit it really isn’t bad. I just found it a bit boring and too glittery. If you like the pink design, scent and glitter then you are going to love it. I probably would purchase this again if my beloved Twilight was out of stock.

I hope this review was helpful for you guys. Thank you to everyone who gave their love and support on Tuesday things are getting better slowly but surely. In fact I have something very exciting for Sunday so look out for that!

What’s your favourite Lush product? Let me know below!


P.S.Okay guys so I have super exciting news…. THIS weekend Haydn and I have been able to plan a last minute visit to see each other! I’ll be spending the weekend in Leeds with him and I can’t wait. Make sure you follow or couples Instagram account @211_miles so you can see what we get up too.

If you’re new around here Haydn is my long distance boyfriend, we try to see each other every month (which we are very grateful for) but we were almost certain we wouldn’t get a visit this month. Of course that puts a lot of emotional strain into the relationship and is part of the reason that I have been so down lately. Luckily my work have given me the weekend off allowing me to travel to see Haydn TOMORROW!

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