Unicorn Makeup Brushes || Testing out eye brushes

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? If you guys read my posts regularly you’ll have seen that I recently received some gorgeous makeup brushes from Unicorn Makeup Brush! The two 10 piece sets each have 5 smaller eye makeup brushes which I’m super excited to try out today as I only have two eyeshadow brushes currently. I thought I’d test them out and share with you my thoughts. If you’d like to read my first impressions you can seem them here.

Using the brushes:

I’ve not mastered the way to take pictures of my eyeshadow without looking like an egg so I won’t insert the look I created up close because it makes me feel a little self conscious – Sorry. To test these brushes out I’ve used my favourite Tarte Tease palette which I’ve reviewed in case you are interested. Let’s talk about the brushes.

I used one of the Galaxy Unicorn brushes to add the lightest colour all over my eye lid. The fluffy round brush head picked up product well, it applied smoothly and didn’t get patchy. I also liked the fact that the bristles didn’t cling onto product meaning that there isn’t much waste.

The smaller fluffy brush from the Louboutin set is the perfect shape for the adding a deeper shade into the crease and outer corner. The only downside to using this brush is that the bristles are so light that they flex around a lot meaning there is a considerable amount of fall out although I still felt in control of where the product was going. Of course this is relative to the fall out from the actual product.

I then added a glittery shade to my lids using the Louboutin flat brush. I feel like this picked up product well and applied it well too. The shimmer  transferred onto my lids nicely without there being much fallout. In fact I preferred using this to my Body Shop flat brush.

To finish the look I too another fluffy Galaxy Unicorn brush to add some highlight under my eyebrow. This was by far my favourite step as I’ve never before had a tool to do this, now that I do I was quite excited. I used my Lottie London Shimmer Squad in the shade Good Girl to add the perfect amount of shimmer to my brow bone. The brush itself worked well as it was dense enough to control where the product was going but still fluffy enough that it felt luxurious to use.

I’m not sure if this counts or not but when testing these I also tried out the fan brush from the Louboutin set. This brush is great for highlighting my cheek bones and I’m so happy to be adding this brush to my collection. It picks up product well and also applies it too my cheeks with little stuck to the bristles. This surprised me because of how light weight and feathery the brush is. After having success from this one I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the bigger face brushes!


Overall opinion:

I think the quality is definitely there in these brushes as I would put them up their with my Real Technique eye brushes. The designs of these obviously set them apart from any other brush I own. If you looking to add some beauty but also some useful tools to your set then either of these collections would be great for you. Personally, I think the Galaxy Unicorn eye brushes aren’t all useful because their a little chunkier whereas the Louboutin set has some smaller ones perfect for my eyelid size.

I hope this was a nice insight into these gorgeous brushes. Remember to check out the companies website here and follow them on Instagram @unicronmakeupbrush to stay up to date with their collections! If you decided to purchase anything feel free to use the code CHARLIESTAR in order to get and extra 5% off.

What are your favourite brushes? Let me know below!


P.S. I hope you guys don’t mind my new upload schedule. I’ve dropped down to twice a week as I want to make sure all the content I produce is of good quality. If there is anything in particular you’d like to read then let me know!

5 thoughts on “Unicorn Makeup Brushes || Testing out eye brushes

  1. You see so many of these ‘unicorn brushes’ nowadays and you never know if the quality is there or not I’m so glad you tested these! I also nominated you for the Liebster award if you want to check out my most recent post would love you to carry it on! xo

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