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Answering Your Questions || Charliestar Q&A

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve been gathering some questions from you all over the last week ish and so today I’ll be answering them for you. Head up this is going to be a pretty wordy post so get cosy. Before I get rambling lets just get into this!

@Malaika_n2004 asked me a few questions over on Instagram!
Q 1. When did you start getting into makeup?
A. Honestly, only in the last couple of years. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was maybe 13/14 but I’ve only really fallen in love with it in the last year ish. I’d go to school with almost a full face of makeup in Year 11 but I never did any bronzer, contour, eyebrows it was always just concealer, maybe foundation and eyeshadow, mascara and some sort of lip gloss. Now I either go with a full face or nothing at all – and this is only 1 year on!

Q 2. What is the worst makeup product you’ve brought?
A. There have been a few makeup products that I’ve been let down by in the last 6 months. The one that really stands out still is the L’Oreal Infallible total cover foundation. It was so hyped about and I was super excited to try it out but for me it was a massive let down. I HATED it! I decided to to even review it because I felt so negatively towards it. It made my skin look awful and so unhealthy even though the colour was right for me. Big waste of money.

Q 3. What is your favourite thing to blog about?
A. I love doing LDR related posts as I can put so much first hand emotion into them. They generally don’t do as well as my makeup posts though. I do love reviewing makeup products though especially when they’re hyped up products like the Tarte Tease palette, that was one of my most viewed posts.

Q 4. Do you and Haydn ever plan on living together?
A. Of course! We will be closing the distance in about a years time once I’ve finished at 6th form, although it might been sooner if I find an apprenticeship I love! The plan is for me to move up North to live with him.

Q. Can you suggest how to work with brands to do reviews?
A. I’ve recently started working the the brand Unicorn Makeup Brushes and previously I’ve worked with some small UK brands. I would recommend building up your readership and WordPress following before contacting brands for products as you have to be able to offer them something. I would wait till you have at least 250 followers and are getting at least 200 views a week. It’s super important to only reach out to the brands you generally love and would like to work with as other wise your reviews will be giving false information to your readers. Also don’t be afraid to reach out and contact the brands you’re interested in.

Blogger Emily from:Β 
Q. If you were only allowed to wear ONE makeup product, what would it be?
A. I’m not sure this should be so easy but I think I’d say mascara. I just feel that my eyes look more awake and feminine when I have my mascara on. I also think it gives me the biggest confidence boost. The mascara I’ve been L-O-V-E-I-N-G lately is the Benefit They’re real. Actually I’ve just doubted my choice, what if I need to cover a spot then I’d definitely go for The Body Shop all in one face powder…

The rest of the questions are all to do with Haydn and I so if you’re not interested in the Relationship section of the blog then this next bit won’t appeal to you.

Q. Which moment/memory would you like to relive again and why?
A. Can I pick two? Firstly, I’d love to relive the moment when I first found out I was going to be meeting Haydn. It happened so spontaneously for us and I had NO CLUE until Haydn told me his sister had arranged everything. I’d love to have my reaction recorded or to have written down everything I felt in that moment because it was truly incredible. Secondly, Β – not Haydn related – I’d love to relive the American Ski trip I went on in Year 9 and in Year 11. Not only did I get to Ski in America which was incredible I also got to visit New York and it was just generally the most flipping amazing thing I’ve ever done.

Q. How do you calm yourself on days when you are so frustrated with the distance?
A. This is such a good question. Sooo, I have a box in my room filled with bits and pieces from our relationship (movie tickets, cute cards he’s written me, my prom corsage, coach tickets and that sort of thing) and I love looking through that as it fills my heart with happy memories of being together. An added bonus is that we sprayed a cotton pad with his cologne so every time the box it smells like him.

Q. What are some fun things to do together besides just FaceTime when you are apart?
A. I was thinking of doing an entire post related to this actually. But brefly we like watching movies, listening to music or playing quiz games on apps like Quizup, or googling stuff like him or her questions and just playing for fun. Sound weird but it can get quite funny.

Q. How did you stay in love? What is the secret to this sort of relationship?
A. There aren’t any secrets or tricks to this. You’ve just got to be open and committed. Love feels different for everyone as it is an emotion and therefore it’ll be different for everyone too. The only bit of advice I really have is to show the type of love you want to receive.

I hope you guys liked learning a little more about me! If you have any unanswered questions please leave them in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions || Charliestar Q&A

  1. Loved reading this. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until about 17, my mom said she didn’t want our young skin to be in contact with chemicals so soon. And that we would have many years in the future to look like women and that we should look like children for as long as we could. You said you can contact brands when you have at least 250 followers. I have 1500, can I do something with that. It only works for makeup, right?

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  2. I absolutely loved reading this! I love that you have a box with things from your relationship in it and that it helps you to relax after a hard/frustrating day! And I’m with you, if I could only where one makeup product, it would definitely be mascara! Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was a really interesting post (I am far too nosy hehe) I definitely agree that mascara would be my product of choice! Looking forward to more of your LDR posts-they are what got me into this blog and are definitely needed on days like today haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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