Do you want to know a secret? || LDR Surprise

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m actually so relieved that I can finally share this post with you! If you follow my relationship with Haydn then this post is going to be particularly exciting for you – no I’m not pregnant nor did we secretly get married. But…

We’re going to be spending an entire 6 weeks together!

We’re so excited that we’ve managed to make our Summer visit so long. It’s basically worked out this way due to a few things we have going on right now but either way it means that we’ll be together for the whole of summer which is super exciting. Haydn is still going to be working during the weekdays but I have my own things to sort during the day. It’ll be the perfect little trial of living together: the longest we’ve spent together is 3 weeks which means this will be a much appreciated long visit together. YAY!

I think I’m most looking forward to being a normal couple for a little while honestly. Seeing as I’m going to be away from home for so long my blog posts my be a little different as I won’t have the backgrounds or accessories that I normally use in my flat lay pictures – but I’ll try my very best.

What are you plans for the summer? Let me know below! See you all on Wednesday for another New Makeup post.




10 thoughts on “Do you want to know a secret? || LDR Surprise

    1. I’ve planned all my posts for whilst I’m away and have got some included about the times we’ll share together! If there’s anything in particular you’d be interested in please let me know x

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