Unicorn Makeup Brushes || Louboutin set favourites

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? A few weeks ago I received some unicorn makeup brushes from the Unicorn Makeup Brush company. Seeing as I’ve been testing them out for a little while now I thought I’d update you on my top 4 brushes that I find most practical from the Louboutin Brush collection. If you haven’t yet checked these out you can purchase them HERE.

Louboutin brush set

Brush number 1 is the Fan brush. I’ve never owned a fan brush before so after receiving this one in my PR package I was so excited to try it out for highlight. I definitely had a right to be excited as this is such a nice highlight brush. I love the look and finish it leaves on my skin as it really allows you to build up that blinding highlight look. It picks up product well and I haven’t noticed much fall out.

Fan Brush

Next up is the little eyeshadow blending brush. I’m not 100% sure on the name but it’s essentially a little fluffy eye brush. I’ve been loving this to build up a darker colour in my crease as it’s small enough to get in there well but still soft enough to blend it out without any harsh lines. Similarly to the last brush I mention it also picks up pigmentation well allowing you to quickly but also precisely complete an eye look.

Blending Brush

My next favourite is another eye shadow brush. The almost flat style brush is perfect for applying shimmer shades and glitters because it packs on the product and gives a really pigmented look. I like this one more than some of my other flat brushes as its a little bit bigger meaning it can cover more surface area of the eye but is not so big that I feel like I haven’t got control.


Finally is a brush that has surprised me the most. This is the contour brush (I think that’s the correct name for it). It is slightly angled with a flat surface and I have been obsessed with it recently. I’m really not much of a contour kinda girl but I do think it helps to warm my face up and with this brush I can apply it to the areas of my face that I wish but can then also blend it out. Even when I go in a little bit too heavy this brush really helps to blend it out leaving me an almost natural finish. I’m not going to bang on about quality but this one definitely doesn’t fall short of the others.

Contour Brush

Overall I’ve been pretty impressed by the quality of these makeup brushes. Let’s be real though they are the most classy yet magical brushes I’ve ever seen and most of my love for them branches off that. I’ve done another post talking in detail about design and quality so if you’d like to read up more about that then please click here!Β My last little thing to add is that these brushes are so reasonably priced. Sold for $26.99 on sale means that each individual brush costs around $2.70 – I think that’s a great offer. You can even use my code ‘CHARLIESTAR’ to get an extra 5% making it an even better deal!

I hope you guys have liked this little insight on the brushes I’ve been loving recently. I’ll be back on Sunday for another Lifestyle blog post talking all about my expirences of Year 12! Don’t forget to follow my blog so I can see you all again then.




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