Testing Collection Makeup || Full Face

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I spend a lot of time online – who’d have guessed?… – and one of my favourite posts to read/ videos to watch are one brand product reviews. So if you haven’t already figured from the title I thought we’d talk about the brand Collection. I didn’t even need to go out to buy any of these products I’ve just sort of collected them over the past year so I thought this would be perfect. Before we jump in I just have 3 quick things to mention.

1. I forgot to photograph the eyebrow kit I used and I’m now in Leeds so am unable to retake my images also my eyebrows look sh** anyway. 2. I don’t have a mascara or lip product to use so for the purpose of making this a full look I’ve just used two products from Maybelline. 3. I’m now reunited with Haydn for an entire 6 weeks which is super exciting! If there are any posts ideas LDR related or ones you’d like us to do together then please let me know.

Okay mini rant over lets get into this!

I thought abgood place to start would be a run through of all the products I’m going to be using on my face:

  • Lasting Perfection Concealer Shade 2 £4.19
  • Illuminating touch brightening concealer Shade 1 £4.99
  • Illuminating Touch Foundation Shade 3 £5.99
  • Primed & Ready invisible setting powder £3.99
  • Eyebrow powder kit Shade Blonde £3.99
  • Eyes uncovered palette Shade Nude Bronze £3.99
  • #FacetheDay palette £6.99
  •  Highlight & Sculpt duo palette £4.19

I started out using the concealer – which lets be real is an ultimate favourite of mine – and the illuminating brightening concealer. I really don’t think its necessary to talk about the Lasting Perfection concealer as it really is a cult classic and if you’ve not heard of it then honestly where have you been? It’s flipping fantastic. The brightening concealer on the other hand is totally not worth it. It’s got quite a watery consistency making it really light weight which blends out into nothing – I know it’s meant to brighten but when you put the word conceal in there too I was expecting some coverage. I feel bad for bitching about these products as they’re so cheap but still I just wouldn’t recommend this one. The foundation is probably up there in my favourite foundations from the drugstore. It applies well and has a good amount of coverage. I’m planning to do a specific posts on drugstore foundations so I won’t go massively into but I do think for the price this is a good option. I don’t love the finish as I feel it shows a lot of texture but with the right powder it’s fine for everyday use. I set my look in place with the primed and ready invisible setting powder and I think this has down a nice job. It doesn’t hide the textured look the foundation has given my skin but it does blur out some of my acne and takes the orangeness out of the foundation.


I moved onto my eyes look and as I said earlier I forgot to photograph the eyebrow kit I used but seeing as I don’t recommend it I don’t think its a big deal. Considering this is a blonde set the shades are pretty dark. I felt like there was either almost cool toned black (what I went for), a very warmed toned light brown or a basically pale colour which makes no difference even if you are blonde. Not great… Since moving over to eyebrow pomade I have no idea how I ever used this powder kit. I mean if the colours fit you and you like powder then I’m sure you’d like this set. It does also come with clear brow gel to help them stay in place but I lost mine a while back. To create my eyeshadow look I used a combination of the #FaceTheDay palette and the Nude Bronze palette. The Nude Bronze palette is a little bit hit and miss but the lightest colour is so pigmented and makes a great base. I then went in with some of the transition shades in the #FaceTheDay and Nude Bronze palette. This allowed me to start deepening up my look before going in with the brown/bronze shade from the Nude Bronze palette. The shadows look nice but they’re all shimmery and I think it’s a little to much. But I’m being super picky for the price I shouldn’t complain as the shadows are such a nice quality and if you like this sort of eye look then I’m 90% sure you’d enjoy this palette. (I also added some Maybelline mascara to complete the look)

To finish off my look I used the highlight and scuplt duo palette. The contour helped to warm my skin up and add a little more life to my skin. I use the contour shade all the time as it’s the only one I have – I think it’s good because I’ve never had a need to replace it with something else although I am looking for drugstore suggestions if you have any. I then dipped back into my #FaceTheDay palette for a little bit of blush which I found to be quite powdery and overly pigmented but nothing unbearable. Finally – my favourite set – highlight! The highlight from the duo palette works pretty well and is totally buildable to that blinding level its just a little to pale white looking for me I prefer a more pink almost golden highlight shade. Definitely another usable product though I mean I must have loved it at some point judging by how much I’ve used.

Are you guys ready to see the final look?



I’m fairly happy with the overall look. I love the base makeup – other than the pointless illuminating concealer. The eye makeup is a bit meh – my eyebrows look particularly awful, they’re always pretty bad but the powder definitely made them worse. I think the rest of my face makeup as in blush, contour and highlight is my favourite part of the look.

I hope you like this style of post! Let me know if you do and if you like the look I created below. I’ll see you all again on Wednesday for another blog post!




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