Drugstore Foundations || Top 3 Products

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s finally the summer holidays and I couldn’t be happier to finally have a little break from everything. I’ve kicked of the summer right by having a games night, laser tag and bowling with Haydn and his sisters so that’s been super fun. But anyway, I know you’re all just wanting to read about some really great drugstore foundations so lets get into this!

Let’s talk about three foundations from the drugstore that I think work well. Of course everyone’s skin type is different, the types of coverage and finish you prefer is also going to vary but this is just what I like on my face.


Third place is going to the Collection Illuminating Touch foundation. This is a pretty, full coverage foundation that blends in really well. It does show some texture which is disappointing but if I then use my matte powder, the finish is fine for a day-to-day use. It lasts well and is good, but it has to go in third place because there are only 6 colour options which is pretty poor – it also wasn’t that long ago that there were only 4 colour options. However, it is still in my top 3 because for £5.99 it does a good job. I tend to reach for this on days that I want a foundation that’ll last but isn’t going to make my face matte and flat.


In second place is the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. If you’re looking for a full coverage foundation that’s less than £10 then this is definitely a good product to pick up. There are 12 colours in the range so that’s a pretty decent amount for a drugstore brand however I don’t think that the palest is that pale and the darkest is that dark so that’s something to be aware of. The foundation is easy to blend, blurs pores and is full coverage which makes it pretty great. The reason that I’ve not put this in first is because I’m not mad about the finish. It’s not matte (but can be with a matte powder) and unfortunately shows a texture on my skin. To end on a high note this foundation lasts for a full day on the skin and only goes patchy around areas that I find to be oily like my nose and T-Zone. Oh and it also has SPF in it which makes it perfect for the summer time!


First place really isn’t hard. The Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation. I fricking LOVE this foundation. I would class this as a medium to full coverage foundation. This covers redness and evens out the skin amazingly making the perfect base for the rest of your makeup. The foundation lasts well and and is perfect for an all day flawless look. I also find that it tends not to go patchy unless there is quite a lot of oil – I have combination skin and it usually lasts fine. I don’t actually think I have anything that negative to say about this product, for £6.99 I don’t know if I’ll ever find a drugstore foundation to beat this one!


I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know what your favourite drugstore foundations are below! I can’t wait to chat with you all again on Sunday.



25 thoughts on “Drugstore Foundations || Top 3 Products

  1. These are all my top 3 foundations! Mainly because they are the only drugstore foundations that have a shade that matches my skin tone. But they are all great too! x

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  2. My favourite foundation is the Fit Me foundation – I can’t fault it! The only reason I picked it up was because I left mine at home when I went away, and since then I’ve been using it non stop!! X

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  3. I absolutely LOVE Revlon ColorStay Foundation. But you may have sold me on the Maybelline Fit Me! Can’t beat that amazing price!

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