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Surprise Date Day || 04/08/17

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s been AGES since I last uploaded… honestly I’ve been quite unwell and not in the mood to write. But it’s okay I’m back! Whilst me and Haydn were in Bournemouth together he surprised me by planning a secret date day for the two of us, I had a clue card in the build up but didn’t really know till the day. I wanted to write down the day trip as a memory for myself but also thought it’d be fun to share with you guys! 

On Friday 4th August Haydn treated me to a very special date day! He’d planned the whole thing in secret and even though he’d given me clues I hadn’t worked out where we were going. We didn’t rush to start the day (I was ill at this point) and left at about 11 ish. Before we went I knew that we’d be taking a picnic but we’re lazy so decided to cheat and get food to go from Sainsburys. We got on a bus into the center of Bournemouth and when we go of at the train station I was pretty excited to find out what train we were going on.

The train took us over to the next little town – Poole –  and then we wondered through the town. Haydn was following google maps and tried to get me killed by walking on a ring road, he figured it out and instead took me through some edgy alley ways where I feared I might get stabbed had we been there late at night. We got to the harbor after a short while and that’s when I figured out that we were heading to Brownsea Island! I haven’t been since I was a little girl so I was excited to head over there again. The boat ride there was only about 10 minutes, it was a cool experience for Haydn as he’d never been on a boat like this before.


Brownsea Island was pretty cool. We just walked around, explored a little and ate our lunch. Even though I wasn’t feeling well I enjoyed spending some quality time with Haydn. Even though the Island is ‘famous’ for Red Squirrels we didn’t see a single animal. I mean we saw some bugs but is that as good as a Red Squirrel? Heading back to the main land was probably my least favourite part of the day because the boat ride incorporates a 40 minute tour. Sounds fun and it did have potential. Some of the boat rows are faced backwards and that was our only option to sit on as there were a lot of people on the boat. Travelling backwards made me feel quite sick so Haydn took me to stand at the back, which was fine but the noise from the motor drowned out the tour guides commentary so I got a little bit bored.

Back at Poole Harbor we played in the arcade and ate some chips from a proper sea side fish and chip shop. We wondered about for a while before heading back towards the train station. We finished the night with some milkshakes and pizza from Pizza hut.

Thank you so much Haydn for organising and planning everything. It was so much fun to explore to Island together.

Bit of a different post from me, I figured writing down the day on my blog would be a good way to remember the day. I’m travelling back to Leeds to be with Haydn again on Thursday so I should have another post written ready for Sunday! Hopefully I’m feeling better by then. See you guys soon – I hope you didn’t hate this post.


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