Golden Bar Palette Review || I Heart Makeup (Revolution)

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m so excited to be doing another makeup product post as I feel like it’s been ages! Quick little side story: I had the worst Superdrug experience on Friday and even though I know it wasn’t a big deal it really did leave me in a grumpy mood. In short, a product I’m desperate to get my hands on was sold out EVERYWHERE but they’d but something else in its place and because the packaging all looks similar I picked it up thinking I’d gotten it which put me in a really good mood; obviously I realised it was wrong and had to return it. I’m honestly gutted that I’ve not been able to pick it up but I’m sure I will do in the future. 

ANYWAYS, I thought we’d talk about the I Heart Makeup (Revolution) eye shadow palette Golden Bar. I have the Naked Chocolate edition and it’s my favourite drugstore palette so I definitely wanted to give these shimmery shadows a try.


I picked this product up from Superdrug for £9 which I think is a pretty great price for a 16 shade palette. Most of the colours have a golden/bronze tone to them but there are a few such as ‘Limited’, ‘Cocoa’ and ‘Box’ which are a little more colourful. 

We also need to talk about how incredible the packaging is because this was definitely the first thing that attracted me. It’s a fricking chocolate bar. It’s also got a really nice big mirror which comes in handy.


I’ll show you some swatches below so we can discuss pigmentation and formula.


Straight away you can really see how much colour is coming from Golden, it’s a very highly pigmented shade and I love it. A lot of the shades feel creamy to swatch despite the fact that they are all powder products. The Swatches above don’t do justice to how shimmery and pretty some of these colours are. Another really great thing about this palette is that there really isn’t much fall out from these shadows, yet they are still picked up well by brushes meaning they’re really nice to use.

I want to be honest on my blog so I have to talk about the downsides too. First of the Golden shade is a little bit clumpy and blends out into a much less pigmented shade, but I think this is common with most shimmer/glitter eyeshadows. Another thing to bare in mind is that all these shades are satin or glittery which means you can’t use this for a full look unless you are just wanting to sweep one colour across your entire lid. Because of this reason I’ve not found myself to use this all that much because I pick up either my Tarte Tease or I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate palette to start building up my look and then because I’m lazy I just finish up with a shimmer from that palette rather than reaching for another.

Overall, I love the colours in this palette, some of them are so so gorgeous and like nothing else I own. The packaging is amazing and the quality wasn’t disappointing, they definitely live up to my standards from the Naked Chocolate palette. Unfortunately, for my everyday makeup routine it doesn’t have the matte shades to make it usable on it’s own. I recommend this if your wanting to add a bunch of great quality shimmers to you’re collection but if you’ve already got a palette with similar colours and matte shades too it’s probably not worth it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review, if you do want to see some eye makeup looks using this palette then let me know. What drugstore palette should I try next? Let me know below!

Buy this product – HERE 


20 thoughts on “Golden Bar Palette Review || I Heart Makeup (Revolution)

  1. That gold looks amazing, shame about the consistency! We have a brand called australis here and they have foiled shadows that dry like powder and the gold is amazing! I used it on the weekend for my birthday and it didn’t budge. Great review x

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  2. I have a couple of their products and they are not that great, in my opinion. BUT, for the price? Definitely worth it! I own the dupes for the naked 1 and 3 by urban decay and although there are some issues, I still use it A LOT.
    This one is definitely something I would LOVE and after reading this post I’m seriously considering buy it!

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