Products that didn’t work for me || Makeup

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I love talking about makeup here on my blog and I figured it’s equally important to talk about the product’s that didn’t work for me. I love hearing about what products other people don’t like, so I thought I’d bring that over to my own blog!

Before I jump into this can I just say how happy it makes me that I’m nearly at 600 followers. I’ll have another giveaway once I hit 1000 as well as a super fun post – I won’t give away any spoilers but know that I’m very excited for it.

Anyways let’s get started. I have 4 products to share with you, I try to keep my posts positive so in order to add a silver lining to this other wise fairly negative post I’ve decided to give an alternative product recommendation.


Firstly, let’s start with probably the least known product. The High Definition mascara. I picked this pricey product up for £17.50, I saw it in a salon when I was getting my nails done. It was the classy packaging and high price that made me think this would be a winning product. Ohhh I was so wrong. The formula is so so watery that even as you brush the applicator through your lashes flakes of the product splatter onto your face making an absolute mess. Even if I could see past this the wand did nothing; my lashes weren’t lifted or lengthened at all. I was super disappointed! If you ever see this product I 100% do not recommend it. Instead of wasting your money on this I recommend the Benefit They’re real mascara which costs £20.50, this is an incredible high end mascara that is worth spending out on!


Whilst we’re on the topic of mascara let’s talk about the Clinique High Impact mascara. I only have a sample of this one but after using it just twice I can tell you that I’ve never hated a mascara as much as this one. The formula does add length and it doesn’t clump, BUT when you apply it something really weird happens. The mascara doesn’t seem to dry down properly and it smudges onto your eyelid which left me with a black line along my crease. Not a pretty look, and for the price (£18) I’m definitely not impressed. Instead, I would try out the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara. This is a drugstore product which is much more worth the money. I’ve done a full review on this product HERE.


The L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover foundation is another product that I really don’t like. It was hyped up all over the internet but I saw more pros than cons. At first I quite liked it, the product went on well, blended nicely and really did cover everything. It was only after I started looking closer that I decided I don’t like this. It’s just very very thick and heavy on my skin. Without powder the finish looks quite oily and over the course of a day, it would slide out of place due to the fact that it would become oily. If your looking for a drugstore foundation that provides as much coverage as this I’d try out the Rimmel match perfection foundation.


Finally we’ll talk about the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer. I picked out the shade Halcyon for £3, I thought I’d chosen a really nice dark nude shade but it’s a little bit lighter and pinker than I’d anticipated. I was reluctant to put this product into this post because I actually do like the colour. With this liquid lipstick it just comes down to the formula. Side note – I’m aware that for £3 I shouldn’t really complain but I just can’t wear it. It’s sticky to the point where if I put my lips together and then pull them apart it actually feels like part of my lips are being ripped of. Another awful factor is that they’re so so drying it hurts. I just can’t handle the feeling of this product on my lips. Instead I’d pick up the NYC soft matte lip creams for £6.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the products I don’t love. I also feel like I need to add that if you use any of these and like them then that’s great and I’m glad you didn’t waste your money on them like I did. Leave me a comment and let me know what product’s you’ve recently been disappointed by.


20 thoughts on “Products that didn’t work for me || Makeup

  1. I agree with your thoughts on the L’Oreal foundation. It felt very heavy and cakey on the skin and just didn’t look great after a few hours of wear. I felt like it made me ultra-oily and broke up terribly between my brows, on my chin and around my nose. 😦 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! xoxo

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  2. I love these type of posts, it’s so interesting to see what doesn’t work for people! I have the L’Oréal Infallible foundation which is so good, so definitely worth a try as it mattifys so doesn’t leave your skin looking oily! X

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  3. I can SO relate with you on the MUA lippy. I wore it on a night out and it lasted less than an hour because I had to rub it off. My lips were beyond dry. Such a shame because the shades are so pretty! Love this post. X

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  4. For some reason I have never had that problem with the MUA liquid lipstick. I got a brown colour and it seems to last quite a while on me even after eating. It isn’t sticky but is a bit drying. Maybe it’s different for each shade. Great post though xx

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