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 The Most Perfect Day || Malham Cove 13/08/17

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? This is another post that is more for memory purposes than anything else, but I still thought I’d share it here on my blog so you could read about it too. I’ve written about The surprise date day Haydn took me on whilst we were in Bournemouth and now he’s gone and set the date day standards even higher with our trip to Malham Cove.

The day trip was planned that morning once we had woken up so it was quite spontaneous. We decided to go on a mini road trip as Haydn hasn’t had his car that long and so we wanted to make the most of our new freedom. Malham Cove is a place we’ve talked about visiting for ages and have always said that once he had a car we would go.

Malham Cove

Located south of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Malham Cove is about an hour and a half’s drive from Leeds. The drive there was actually part of what made it so great. (It’s always going to be cheesy writing this out.) We played some of our favourite songs through the stereo and sang along together. We’re so cool we even did some bad car dancing whilst we sat in traffic. The highlight was definitely Haydn singing along to Taylor Swift and knowing every word.

The walk from the car park into the hills was super cute. It was a warm day and the road led us through this really pretty stone village. As we wondered through the countryside I noticed the part we were wanting to get to, where part of Harry Potter was filmed, was right at the top of a massive hill. On the way to the steps that led up was a little stream which ran through the fields creating the perfect backdrop for some cute pictures which I’ll insert below for you to see!

There where steps up to the top of Malham Cove which was useful but my god they’re were tough. I was so out of breath before we were even half way, yet I’d look forward to see Haydn storming up like he was simply gliding through water. Everyone else around me was struggling to so I didn’t feel too bad. The tough climb up was definitely worth it as the views were incredible! We were able to sit just us two and enjoy the peace and quiet whilst taking in sights that seemed to roll on forever. It was perfect.

We took the long route back around to the car park and as we walked along the hillside we might as well have been the only people in the world which was perfect. Holding hands, talking and just being us was so nice. We found a really cute little walk alongside a river and there was even a beautiful waterfall! I think this was Malham Tarn walk but I’m not 100% sure.

We stopped for a drink in one of the village pubs so we had a few moments longer to take in the stunning views around us. We then got in the car and drove home together.

I’m not sure what it was exactly but the day filled my heart with so much happiness.



9 thoughts on “ The Most Perfect Day || Malham Cove 13/08/17

  1. Im obsessed with posts like this!! It reminds me so much of a vlog and they’re my fave kind of videos to watch! It looks like you two had a lovely time and you are most definitely couples goals! xxx

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  2. Oh that is so lovely!!! I am so happy for the two of you, LDRs are so hard and yet you are making it work! What a lovely day, the area looks so pretty! And good on Haydn for knowing every word to Taylor Swift, that is pretty impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

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